[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick.]

Imagine your child was on this bus.  What would you think?

A realistic hijacking complete with SWAT teams and smoke grenades?

We've spoken often about how "Sending Your Kids To Public School Is Child Abuse".  But even we were shocked to see this video!

Of course, even forcing your kids into any form of school they don't wish to go to is an act of aggression ,but sending them to a public school is more and more becoming outright child abuse.

Aside from the terror they must have felt (being removed from the bus in handcuffs by men with guns!) is the outright indoctrination into a fear culture so prevalent in the US today.  That fear is so widespread that you can even see in the eyes of the teachers and even the students that they think these sort of drills are a good thing, "to keep us safe"!  The young student at the end would have likely just as happily boarded a train bound to Auschwitz in the early 40s by the sound of her.


This fear-based culture has completely taken over in the US.  The government and the media have it as their prime objective to keep people as scared as possible at all times.

Of course, we could go deeper into this and ask why there are so many school shootings to begin with in the US.  Most of them, if you do your research, were actually propagated by the government itself or completely faked.

Sandy Hoax is the most obvious recent one.

But, even if some school shootings are real, there are always deeper reasons for it.  Public school, especially in the US, is like a prison.  Kids are forcibly sequestered all morning and most of the afternoon for 12 years of their life and mostly forced to memorize propaganda against their will while living in a Lord of the Flies environment. Bullying and ostracization will always be the norm in this enviornment where the kids far outnumber the adults and form their own semi-savage hierarchy.  

And they are starting at a younger and younger age.  Check out this video of a pre-school in the US that looks exactly like a prison!

That type of environment is bound to result in some aggression over time… especially as they are vaccinated, iris scanned and tracked. 

In fact, it is surprising there isn't much more aggression under these conditions.


In contrast, take life in Chile.  There isn't a fear-based culture, the government hasn't attacked any foreign countries resulting in a fear of "blowback", and the media and economy are not totally controlled and ruined by the government.

In fact, most things are privatized.

Here is one of countless private school buses you see driving around Santiago.  These aren't private school buses for private schools… these are private school buses for public schools!

You even see advertisements from private school bus companies competing with each other for your business. 

Of course, again, we don't believe in forced schooling at all, and we prefer and strongly support unschooling.  Or, at least homeschooling.  We don't think such a thing as a "public school" should exist, since "public" means it is immorally funded with stolen money and immune to the free market forces that improve quality and lower costs.  But, at least in Chile if you are going to put your kids into public school, the transit to school isn't also part of the government monopoly and you have competing private enterprise options.

Contrast that to the school bus from the USSA in the YouTube video with which we led off this article!

The US is now the USSA and much of the rest of the world is going the opposite direction, moving towards freer markets and capitalism away from socialism and fascism.

Chile is one of the most shining examples and that is just one of countless reasons it was chosen for Galt's Gulch Chile (GGC).

Almost every family I've met who is moving there already homeschools or unschools so even these private school bus companies won't be of interest to them… but it is always nice to see uncollectivized private enterprise in action… always providing better service while constantly lowering costs.

And, by the way, every kid I've met who has been to GGC is unbelievably smarter than your average public-schooled (or even traditional private-schooled) child.

Dayna Martin (see a video of her on unschooling here) is one of the biggest proponents of unschooling and at the end of the month she'll be in San Diego at Libertopia along with myself and many other people who are rethinking everything.

There you can find out how to live a smarter, freer and better life where your children won't be exposed to fear-based terrorist drills.

Of course, the US has been doing this for decades which is why many people in the US are okay with what is going on there.

Don't you remember the absolutely ridiculous idea of "ducking and covering" under your desk so you don't get hurt by a nuclear bomb?