So much going on right now, where to begin? Well, first, get yourself to this:

The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference (Rio Hato, Buenavista, Panama – February 5th – 9th 2014)

Whereas many conferences bring together experts to lecture you and offer tips, The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference is designed to be something more… much more. As an urgent, highly-specialized conference, the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference will give you the tools you need to lay out a multi-generational road map for securing your and your family’s assets. The TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference will help you move forward, during the conference, so that you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your assets have been sufficiently internationalized. Our team of experts will cater to your personal situation and you will leave the conference in a better financial position than ever.

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On to the feedback…

Question, from at least 100 people: Jay, we are dying to know, where did you move to?


The response from my most recent article “Why I’m Leaving” has been overwhelming. It was somewhat terrifying to put those thoughts onto paper and I am truly thankful and inspired by your comments and emails. 

I just read Jay Fonseca’s compelling article about why he is leaving the US. I, too, have thought of getting out of here, but I don’t know of any place that would be any better… so I simply HAVE to ask, what country is he moving to?? His article teased about it but never named it. If I knew the country, I could look into it myself and see if it is a fit for me also.
Thanks! – Troy F.

Like Troy’s email, about 50% of the feedback centered on where we’ve chosen to emigrate to. It was a conscious decision to leave it unmentioned because I wanted the piece to focus on the why, not the where. Additionally, I had the goals of making the article both a repository of grievances as well as an anarchist's greatest hits collection of sorts. That said, my wife and I have chosen Mexico as our new home and that's as specific as I'd prefer to get.

I started on this path just like everyone else. Tired of the oppression around me, I began searching the interwebs. Part of me hoped there was a bastion of freedom somewhere out there in this big world and all I had to do was Google it: “freest countries”, “economic freedom index”, “taxation by country”. I found a lot of information; so much that I had to start a spreadsheet:

As you can see, I never finished my technical analysis. The internet did however provide me with a list of candidates and I knew that I had to hit the road and see them for myself. My wife and I planned an expansive one year trip around the world with the goal of traversing five continents and over 20 nations. 6 weeks and 2 countries later – we called off the search. When you know, you know.

Depending on a person's location and circumstances, parts of the USA, Canada, Cyprus, or Russia could be a huge upgrade in freedom. For us, Mexico not only made the most sense, but it also felt right. What’s important to you? A stable government or a weak one? No income tax or a manageable one? Warm weather? Good food? Nice people? Each person will have an entirely different set of answers and rankings and ultimately those notions will go right out the window when you find a place that makes you a happier person.

Again, there is no easy answer or one size fit all solution. But there is a tried and true first step: just get out there! Book a flight or do it on the ground like Graham Hughes. Thanks to capitalism, traveling is easier and cheaper than ever. When my maternal grandparents moved from Portugal to Mozambique, air travel was too expensive for the working class – their one way boat ride took a month. They had almost no savings, five young children, no idea of what awaited them in Africa, or if they would find work, and a place to live. There was no CouchsurfingWorkaway, Kayak, Skype, Airbnb, Google Maps, or Trip Advisor. Comparing the hurdles facing our emigration to past generations, or even to those experienced by millions of others around the world today is a sobering reality check.

Then after you’ve searched the internet, explored the world, made your decision, had your goodbye party, and moved abroad… be ready to do it all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I am nothing but hopeful and confident of our decision. Yet as we work tirelessly, attempting to finish up an endless list of last minute preparations for next week’s 2,000 mile drive, we know that the quest for freedom does not end with a change of scenery or a different mailing address. Governments grow, statists adapt (eventually), and people get complacent. The most common question is “Why?”, the second is “Where?”, and the third is “When?” “When are you coming back?” Never. I’m only going forward.


Q: I am unsure if the TDV Wealth Management Crisis Conference is for me.  Can you explain a bit more about what kind of person this type of conference caters to?  And what more I can expect from it if I do attend?

Thank you,

Henry C., Kalifornia

Jeff’s Response:

Hi Henry,

To state it bluntly and briefly, this particular conference will only be of value to those who live in the US or Canada (because those are the only two countries we have viable solutions for at present) and have a minimum of $1 million in assets (preferably closer to $2 million or more… but depends on your outlook).  

So, with that out of the way, let me give you an example of a person I could imagine that this would make total sense for… and let me make a fictional character to make my point.  Joe, the electrician entrepreneur, has lived in the US or Canada most of his life, is in his 50s, owns a home worth around $700,000 and runs a business that makes $700,000 per year… of course, half of that currently goes to taxes.

If you take a modest book estimate of the value of a company that makes $700,000 per year, it would be worth at least $2 million.  Well, there are ways to actually internationalize that business, that you can learn of at TDV Wealth Management (or at the conference), where you would actually internationalize it, all legally, and put it into an offshore structure. Then there is really 0% tax on it (except what you take as personal income from  it).  So, right there you save $300,000 per year.  On top of that, by putting it offshore, again all legally, you would receive a $2 million tax rebate… From there you could actually write off $2 million in future taxes from gains from the company.

This is simplistic, and that is why a conference or meeting with TDV Wealth Management is important… but the basics of it are that from that point on you would save $300,000 per year…. all legally.  And, any personal income you took up to $2 million would be a write-off and non-taxable.

This is what Mitt Romney has done, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett.  Now, however, these avenues are available to the upper-middle class citizens in the US.

Of course, there is much more than that… and truth be told, I personally don't know the insides and out of every tax regulation but the people at TDV Wealth Management do and sitting down with them at a conference like ours could save you millions.  Even better, once FATCA comes into effect in July of 2014 you will already have most of your assets outside of the US when many of the doors shut.

It's the most obvious and smartest thing to do and that is what we are trying to help people do.  Those who wait until after July, 2014, will find their options severely limited.  You won't hear this on CNBC or CBS…. they won't tell you.


I have been reading for this for the last year, of plans by the US and others to basically steal everyone's private capital to bail their sorry asses out. The ones who led us to this crisis? And they are going impoverish us so they can bail themselves out and maintain the lifestyle they stole from the taxpayers in the first place. They should all be arrested and locked up for a very long time. A few ringleaders should be executed. There has to be a way to fight back. Will this finally make people mad enough to take action?

majorx (from the TDV forums)

Jeff’s Response:

Hi majorx,

Nope.  Most people in the US after 100 years of the Federal Reserve and all the actions of the US government are so impoverished that they won't even really notice the difference… other than the food riots and heightened crime level.

In fact, at most of our businesses we have, like TDV Passports, we rarely even answer the phones or emails from US citizens because they are so much poorer than our clients in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  And, yes, I am serious.

If you haven't travelled outside the US in the last five years then you haven't seen the massive amount of progress worldwide.  Those in the US are so brainwashed via the mainstream presstitutes, government, flouride, vaccines and countless other things that they don't even know what is going on.

Why do you think zombie movies are so popular recently?



Australia thinking of taxing non-resident citizens? I did a search online for recent news, and found nothing in support of this idea. If anyone knows actual facts about this, could you please post the links here. Thanks.


Jeff’s Response:… Whether you will remain an Australian resident or become a foreign resident, there are things you need to do to get your tax affairs in order. If you remain an Australian resident while working overseas, you must declare your worldwide income in your Australian tax return, even if tax was taken out in the country where you earned the income.

I was just recently at the Gold Symposum in Sydney and I was surprised when I told people that "worldwide income tax will soon be here in Australia" and more than half of the audience went into an outburst telling me it already was.

Now, I don't know the exact details of the criminal Australian tax code but if they have you putting your worldwide income on your tax return and… at this point aren't taxing you.  How much longer until they actually are?



After watching all of your videos, I've been trying to start a business in the Cayman islands, the Bahamas, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. Is there a better way to get into contact with you? I am following you on Twitter and think you are right on!

Also, love all your videos.


Jeff’s Response:

Thanks Levi,

I'd love to hear some of your business ventures.  From my own business experience I would think Qatar is the best of that bunch… but it depends on what you are doing and what you want to do.

Otherwise, you can always email [email protected] to get in touch with me.  And don't forget to be a part of TDV Groups, a subscriber only area where you can meet libertarians and entrepreneurs around the world and build your network (click here to subscribe).

I wish you the best.



Does TDV have any plans to do more on bitcoin? You've written about it in the blog from time-to-time, but I was wondering if here is the place I should look for pertinent BTC related insight. Thanks!


Justin's Response:

Thanks for your question, Mark. Following bitcoin is on the top of our list here at TDV for good reasons: It is a highly disruptive technology which fits in perfectly with one of our main theses: that internationalizing yourself is key to surviving TEOTMSAWKI.  

In our newsletter, you'll find analysis of bitcoin from numerous perspectives, and in our blog you'll be able to keep up on breaking news in the bitcoin world.

But, perhaps most excitingly is a report Jeff Berwick and I have been putting together for numerous months. It's taken hundreds of hours of research, and lots of editing, and we're almost ready to release the the bitcoin report, which will be catered towards what people can do today to earn bitcoin, buy/sell bitcoin, profit from the bitcoin space, as well as how to deal in bitcoins securely. We're looking forward to an exciting 2014 at TDV, and the bitcoin report is one of the biggest reasons. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.