Jeff Berwick on Free Your Mind: My Iboga Experience – Waking Up To Your Own Power In A World Of Lies

Jeff is interviewed by Bill Church for the Free Your Mind Podcast, topics include: Jeff’s recent profound and spiritual experience with Iboga, the nefarious history of the USA government and central banks, recent events in the middle east, Ayahuasca and letting people help you, self medication vs living, Iboga is not to be taken lightly and has some dangers, Iboga as a sacred plant and should be approached with pure intent, a detailed account of the Iboga experience, a new lease on life, Iboga is extremely beneficial but is illegal, flaws in the medial and education systems, the A.M.A revenue stream model of ‘healthcare’, cannabis oil, The Anarchapulco conference, speaking the truth, the waking up process can be very difficult and we need to be there with wisdom love and compassion, the planned one world government false flag events to engender fear so that people flock to government for protection, fear and no fear of death, exit the Matrix.

Pete Gorman


  1. David on November 9, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Look into Holographic Kinetics. 60,000 year old Australian Aboriginal healing/wisdom.
    No drugs or alcoholic concoctions.


  2. David on November 9, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    Thanks guys for all your work.
    Feel your frustration in the attempt to awaken the Steeple. I live in a small city in Canada, need I say more.

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