World War III is Imminent and Most Sheeple Have Absolutely No Idea… Nor Are Prepared For Its Consequences

The West’s sociopathic military-industrial has the world on the verge of World War Three and the larger Western public doesn’t even seem to know about it or care.

Of course if you’ve been following TDV, you’re  far better informed about  what’s going on. Our Shemitah analysis conducted last year was thoroughly predictive of what’s taking place in this “Jubilee Year” – which is just an extension of previous military and economic disasters.

We predicted that the beginning of the end of the current system would start in the fall of 2015. It actually began a few weeks earlier in August and world stock markets recorded their worst quarter since 2011 in the third quarter, wiping $11 trillion from the markets. These crashes extended themselves into 2016, and now additional chaos is occurring.  The same goes for the EU’s Schengen Area that collapsed last year, beginning precisely on the end day of the Shemitah and continues to disintegrate as a result of planned and orchestrated immigration.

You’ll have a chance to anticipate all of it just like last year, and even to profit, because just like last year, we’re working on a video and white paper explaining what’s going to happen. You might have thought Shemitah was bad enough, but in this special – and disastrous – Jubilee year culminating in October it is going to be much worse. Market volatility and military violence are going to be hallmarks of 2016.

Those running the show want it that way. Basically, the elites managing these serial disasters won’t be satisfied until the current global depression has been deepened and the groundwork for World War III has been laid leading to a clamoring for a one world tyrannical government. Cashlessness and negative interest rates are new trends aggravating the growing economic disaster.

In terms of war, ground zero seems to be in the area of Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. About a  week ago, Saudi officials admitted they were in talks with NATO, the US and about 30 allied countries to invade Syria.

Reuters headlined, “‘We will participate’: Saudi military admits US coalition mulling ground invasion in Syria.”

More recently, there have been reports regarding the shipment of Royal Saudi Airforce F-15S strike fighters to Incirlik air base in Turkey. These jets  are to give air support to a potential Turkish invasion and included additional support troops and other necessary military material.

And finally, just the other day, reports circulated on the internet regarding two airbases the US was constructing in the Kurdish areas of northeastern Syria that can be used “for both military and non-military purposes.”

It would almost be funny if it weren’t so incredibly horrible.

The new Saudi overlord, King Salman, is said to be failing and much of the Kingdom’s power resides with his young, authoritarian son, Mohammad bin Salman, who is Chief of Staff, Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense.

Salman may yet believe that his country is still in partnership with the US, or that the partnership can be resuscitated.  But that partnership is over though he doesn’t seem to realize it. The decision has already been taken at the top level of London’s City to get rid of the dollar to bring in a new world currency tentatively planned for 2018. Saudi Arabia is inextricably tied to the petrodollar and thus as the dollar dies, so will Saudi Arabia.

The young fool has committed Saudi troops to Yemen where they are ruthlessly cut down by Yemeni tribes which are some of the oldest in the world. Apparently Saudi strategists forgot that Yemen like Afghanistan has never been conquered.  There are way more guns than people in Yemen, thankfully, and the tough fighters of Yemen’s 50 separate tribes just retreat to the northern mountains when they are under attack. It works in Afghanistan and it works in Yemen.

When the global elites desire they can make the Western public cheer for brave, freedom fighting Afghanis.  Like this shameful propaganda piece by Sylvester Stallone.

And then they can use their Hollywood propaganda machine to make the same people look evil when it suits them.

Back to Yemen. The Saudis have no chance in Yemen (despite talk of a ceasefire) and they will further destabilize their country if they invade in Syria at the behest of Washington, naively believing that they will regain DC’s favor .

That’s just what Washington is hoping for, of course, as it will further undermine The House of Saud.  Soon, and mark our words on this, the 28 classified pages withheld from the sham 9/11 Commission report will be released to implicate top Saudis as masterminds with others behind 9/11. This is another reason the House of Saud is on  the way out.  When you play with the devil (the people who control the US government) you eventually get burned.  Just ask Rumsfeld’s old friend and customer, Saddam.

A destabilized House of Saud solves so many problems – assuming that Washington’s real target is its own domestic population and civilians throughout the West and then the world. Washington and London want an obedient population.  And the best way to ensure it is to spread and deepen the misery. Aggravating the current economic depression via oil-chaos will help in that regard, as will continued and expanding military turmoil.

For instance, all the things about bank bail-ins and the cashless society seem years from implementation – but not if there’s a world war.

In a world war, the most savage dictatorships suddenly become real. The empty prison camps that have been built, but that supposedly “don’t exist” in the US and Europe, may not even be necessary because people may just be rounded up and shot.

Of course, Obomber and his owners control the Western media so it’s not exactly surprising that people “just don’t get it.” They will when the invasion of Syria begins in earnest and at home all the invisible foreign troops in the US suddenly start rounding up everyone who believes in the Constitution or who protest this craziness.

Unfortunately, people are just too scared to confront what’s really going on.

How about the farcical peace proposal that Syria and Russia are trying to respect but that Turkey has already disavowed?  Instead, a massive military build-up continues, led by the Saudis and pointed at Lebanon, the most logical way into Syria only some 50 miles out.  And, one of the countries the Pentagram had targeted since after the 9/11 false flag attacks, as told to order follower, Wesley Clark.

Before World War Two, everyone was worried about Hitler. Western officials made constant shuttles to Germany to try to pacify him. The  headlines even blared, “Peace in Our Time,” which inevitably meant war.

But today there is none of that, probably because any time the West’s lying officialdom tries to build some sort of phony historical narrative, it backfires.

They tried to make Syria’s Assad into a kind of mini neo-Hitler but nobody believes that anymore. They tried to pretend that Assad was so hated that his own people wanted him to leave. But instead the Western sponsored “terrorists” are the ones that are hated for all their beheadings and the poison gas that THEY use and then try to blame on Syria.

Most importantly, Russia made sure the truth got out about the “terrorists,” when the Russian bombing campaign began to take place. At the time, Russian generals used both their huge RT media complex and Western media to explain Washington was behind both sets of terrorists, ISIS on the one hand and the “good” terrorists on the other.

Except the good terrorists really don’t exist. They were just a pretext to allow Washington to drop supplies and weapons to places where the “bad terrorists”  actually function. Likewise, Washington used the “bad terrorist” threat it had created to justify bombing. But all the bombing was actually aimed at destroying Syrian infrastructure.

Syria remains the target. Washington and the West’s elites in general want to blow Syria to smithereens and then to ensure that the chaos spreads to the rest of the Middle East and finally beyond the borders to the world at large.

Chaos is what is wanted. Enough chaos to make billions miserable and starvation imminent. Only then can internationalism succeed on the scale that the elites desire.

And so the build up to World War Three evolves. Saudi Arabia continues its military exercises involving at least 350,000 troops from 20 different Arab nations in the north near the Syrian border.

Here are the details from Reuters:

Operation North Thunder includes 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters. Participating nations are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Senegal, Sudan, Kuwait, Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Mauritius. The Northern Thunder twitter account specifies that the drills that began on February 14th will continue through March 10th, plenty of time to go live for their threatened invasion of Syria. 

And here is how Reuters reported on upcoming ground troops in Syria:

An aide to Saudi Arabia’s defense minister, Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri, confirmed that defense ministers from the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) coalition debated placing ground troops on the ground in Syria during a ministerial meeting in Brussels last month.  “It was discussed two weeks ago in Brussels,” Asseri said, clarifying that the discussions took place on the “political” level only without going into details of a potential “military mission.” 

Are you prepared for what is to come? It may happen gradually unlike World War Two because this is a more complicated war to set up and Putin is doing everything he can to avert it.

And perhaps somehow it may be averted or backfire.

But you need to know. And you need to prepare yourself by having secure, defensible access to food, water and precious metals. Take care of yourself and your family, even as you stay aware of what’s being done around the world to make things worse. This is emerging as the most important news story on the planet.

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Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and creator of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, as well he has been embarrassed to have appeared in the fake mainstream media including CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. Jeff also posts video content daily to YouTube, Bitchute, LBRY and 153News.

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