The Coming Collapse Will Be Talked About For Centuries… If We Are Even Still Here To Talk About It


Below, Jeff is interviewed by Herchel 36 from Truth is Stranger than Fiction, topics include: Massive money printing and negative interest rates, rising cost of living, hyperinflation, massive shortages in Venezuela, the threat of a cashless society, the evils of central banking and the resulting impoverishment, and eventual depopulation.

In This Interview, Jeff Reveals His Predictions for Jubilee 2016,
Which Include a Global Economic, Political and Military Catastrophe  

A good part of the video also focused on Jeff’s 2015 predictions regarding Shemitah and his recent video and White Paper on the upcoming disasters of Jubilee Year 2016.

What Jeff became aware of in 2015 was that certain cyclical holidays like the Jewish Shemitah were being used by financial elites to create a timeline for destructive sociopolitical and market events. For instance the Shemitah end-day and the months around Shemitah repetitively experienced various market crashes and other disasters repetitively, every seven-years.

Jeff  consulted with noted Shemitah analyst Jonathan Cahn, then used his growing understanding of these patterns to make predictions about what would happen in fall 2015, including a market collapse in  late August and the failure of the European Union’s Schengen area border policy on the exact date of the Shemitah end-day. Jeff’s predictions were so accurate that the TDV newsletter gained thousands of new subscribers and he was in demand throughout the fall on media talk shows and video programs.

Jeff’s continued to research Shemitah and realized shockingly that destructive Shemitah patterns did not end there but continued in 2016 with the Jewish Jubilee Year. His analysis revealed to him many of the same disastrous cyclical events  that had presented themselves in Shemitah 2015 would occur in 2016, but even more powerfully.

In fact, Jeff concluded that the carry over of disastrous Shemitah Trends into 2016 and the Jubilee Year itself were creating conditions for global economic, military and political chaos that would be “remembered for centuries.”

Jeff continued to post videos about what is occurring using his insights into Jubilee 2016. He’s made more uncannily accurate predictions in TDV newsletter and blogs warning about market collapses (some of which took place in early in 2016) and growing political and military instability around the world.

His forecasting even anticipated the chaotic leaks surrounding the IMF’s  intended depression in Greece and the recent release of the Panama Papers that presaged a worldwide crackdown on financial anonymity. His predictions of chaos in 2016 are further buttressed by the insanity of negative interest rates around the world and the determination of central bankers and high-level bureaucrats to create a global cashless society. Recent attacks in Brussels and Paris are part of the planned (and escalating) Jubilee 2016 chaos as well.

Many have written about how shocking 2016 is already from the standpoint of financial and regulatory occurrences but TDV viewers and readers are not surprised. This is all predicted by the mysterious “timeline of catastrophe” that culminates in Jubilee Year 2016.

“What is of the utmost importance,” Jeff says, “is that people realize that while Jubilee Year ends on October 1, 2016, its ramifications will reverberate before and after that end date. We’ll have Jubilee Jolts  in force, just as we’ve seen the ongoing disasters of Shemitah Trends carry over from 2015.  It’s my belief these “jolts” will be of such power that they will destabilize the world’s sociopolitical and economic system, allowing bankers to suggest a much more consolidated, global environment.”

Jeff has now posted a Jubilee 2016 video online that you can see HERE, along with a followup White Paper HERE explaining what people must do to secure themselves in this most extraordinary and disastrous year.

Like Jeff’s previous “viral” Shemitah video that ultimately reached over two million viewers, the current Jubilee video is on track to reach millions as well. The White Paper, meanwhile, is being accessed by all those who want to give themselves and their families a better chance to survive and thrive in 2016 when so many others will be facing desperate times.

“It’s my hope we reach millions more than we did with the Shemitah video,” Jeff says. “The stakes are critically high and 2016 is actually a turning point in this century’s-old destabilization strategy. The people at the top want a global regime and they’ll stop at nothing to get there. If they need a world war, they’ll have that too.”

Jeff concludes: “The foundation is being laid in 2016 for a worldwide catastrophe and much of the ground work will be completed by October 1, 2016.  In the best case, such groundwork does not suggest an immediate catastrophe but a series of terrible ‘jolts’ that give people a little more time to prepare. But no matter what, worse times are coming and we’ll do our best to keep our blog readers and newsletter subscribers informed. We understand the key to the timeline in ways that others do not.”

For those who understand the critical nature of what’s going on, it is of the utmost importance, in Jeff’s view, to get up-to-the-minute information  that can only be generated in the TDV newsletter and daily alerts. TDV’s gold portfolio this year alone is up some 50 percent and the newsletter regularly contains investment ideas and specific and successful strategies generated by TDV’s gold guru Ed Bugos as well as by Jeff himself. Those who wish to subscribe to the newsletter can do so HERE.

See the video below for Jeff’s complete interview with Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction:


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