Death camps---it’s basically the defining feature of communism.

But in China, there’s something truly sinister still taking place---a form of 21st century tyranny---a “medical Maoism” that’ll make your blood turn cold---literally.

Thanks to the incredible inside knowledge divulged by Mitchell Gerber, I learned the true depths of this horror.

The Chinese regime is conducting 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants a year, using the unconsenting bodies of prisoners of conscience as their primary stock.

These are people who have been imprisoned for the crime of… meditation.

Falun Gong is a modern spiritual practice combining slow-moving exercises and meditation with a moral philosophy centered on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.

The problem is, The Communist Party of China somehow sees the popularity of Falun Gong as a threat, so hundreds of thousands of practitioners have been tortured to death in the persecution campaign.

Pillaged for their organs.

It’s truly about as evil as statism can get, and according to Gerber, Chinese officials even try justifying the barbarism by saying the organs will be used to help other citizens.

We’re not scaremongering. This is the worst type of collectivistic oppression one can imagine and it’s happening in 2018.

This is democide: murder by government.

In fact, Mitchell has received death threats from China for exposing and condemning these crimes.

Just add it to the pile of death threats I regularly receive… it’s not going to stop us.

To Learn More About These Horrifying Events, Watch Our Interview:

Communism is slavery, anarchy is freedom. A voluntarist, stateless society is possible and desirable.

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