In the USSA this week, statist slaves rushed to closets in public school gymnasiums to participate in the mass cult ritual of voting.

They called it “the most important election of our lifetime,” which is the same thing they said last time and many times before that, but has anything really changed?

State-sponsored propaganda outlets who call themselves “news organizations” are making a huge deal about the fact that one group of politicians "took the house" and another group "took the Senate," as if this has any bearing on the issues that actually matter.

The politicians who are fighting over power at the polls are all proponents of empire, and they will do nothing but continue the policies that have made the United States a third world country.

The Federal Reserve’s monopolization of the monetary system, which is used to defraud and impoverish millions is not on the table for discussion by any political candidates. Neither is the issue of plant prohibition, which is directly related to the country’s massive rape camp (prison) population, gang violence, and unprecedented opiate crisis.

On the rare occasion that a politician does talk about war or prohibition, it’s always a half-hearted afterthought where they discuss extorting (taxing) and regulating cannabis or scaling back one of the many wars the US military has been entangled in for decades. None of them are willing to address the root problems or actually advocate for real peace and freedom, because if they were to actually achieve this goal they would all be out of their jobs.

Instead, political candidates endlessly argue about how to properly rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, squabbling over which public works programs to implement and how to spend their stolen tax money.

Even when it comes to this, both sides aren't much different, they just have different marketing schemes but follow the same protocol behind the scenes. Obama still deported millions and empowered the police state, despite his rhetoric to the contrary. Likewise, Trump has supported socialist economic policies as well as gun control legislation. He just doesn't talk about it much.

Still, the NPCs who think ‘voting is everything’ likely won’t listen.

Some moderates are happy with the election results saying that because the people who wear the gang colors of the blue donkey took one house and the red elephant people took the other, it will result in “gridlock” and not much will get done.

The Election Results Are In As Always, You Lost! - Google Docs 18-11-08 09-36-50.jpg
The thing is, we don’t need this heinous system to be frozen in place. We need it to be gone for good!

By the way, ever notice the two big gangs have basically the same logo but with opposing pentagrams? But I digress.

Neither the ass or the elephant is truly winning though. Just like in every other election, anarchy actually won. The majority of people don’t want anything to do with it.

The Election Results Are In As Always, You Lost! - Google Docs 18-11-08 09-36-15.jpg
Not to mention, voting doesn’t even work. The least popular and most popular ideas have an equal chance of becoming law.

A Princeton study said "The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy."

But you won’t hear that on your television programming.

It seems that many people end up falling into the political process because they feel hopeless and don't see any other way to enact change in the world, but many of us have found ways to work outside the system and effect greater change than any politician could ever hope to.

Cryptocurrency, for example, is a tool that we can point to that is changing the dynamics of society through voluntary means, just like the internet before it. As I pointed out last week on Bitcoin’s birthday, libertarians now have the means to go around the Federal Reserve without even thinking about politics.

This same strategy can be applied to other areas of life where the government has its hold. In the same way that crypto offers a solution to central banking, different ways of thinking, and even different technologies can be applied to better suit our needs without the violence, extortion and slavery that comes along with government.

Elect yourself. A stateless society is where humanity is heading. Voting is just a suggestion box for slaves.

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