Over the past several weeks, government thugs in the USSA have essentially declared war against private gun owners, openly calling for confiscation of weapons. In some states, police have already been casting a wide net, serving warrants on hundreds of law-abiding citizens.

Advocates of firearm restrictions have often said, “no one is coming to take your guns,” but now it seems that their tone has changed dramatically. Last month in Maryland, a man was shot and killed when the local police department swatted his home at 5am to steal his weapons.

The cops said they attempted to “serve” the man an “Extreme Risk Protective Order” which apparently required him to surrender his property to them.

Why? Because the goons said so.

The reality of “gun control” is nothing more than violent people with badges using guns to disarm people without badges, but this is something statists refuse to admit.

Well, creepy politicians have evidently become so comfortable with their authoritarian agenda that they’re tweeting about bombing people who won't comply with their demands.

Eric Swalwell, Representative of Commiefornia recently went so far as to casually suggest that the government would use nukes to attack gun owners who refused to give up their firearms. During an argument on Twitter, Swalwell used the evil empire’s nuclear arsenal as an intimidation tactic, saying:

"It would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities."

Of course, the parasite’s comments may be hyperbolic, but nuking your homeland and making it uninhabitable for generations is a perfect analogy for the state’s approach to problems. There’s an underlying truth in his comment, the almighty state will kill you for resisting.

Just days before the congressman posted the veiled threat, Maryland police shot and killed 61-year-old Gary Willis, who was having his weapon confiscated under the state’s new “red flag” law.

The law has only been in place for a month, and in that short time, more than 114 warrants have been served to seize guns from people who didn't harm anyone. All it takes now is a call to 911 from a “concerned” family member, friend or enemy to get you on one of these “red flag” lists.

Due process be damned.

It’s not just Maryland either. A dozen other states have also recently implemented similar policies.

Below is the statement the violent gang posted about their murder of the old man they were trying to rob. If it is any consolation, the criminal agency is getting destroyed in the comments.

People are already being literally executed as a result of these ridiculous “pre-crime” laws, yet some statists insist this new policy will “save lives.”

Most well-meaning anti-gun activists cite concerns about the mentally ill, and point to incidents like mass shootings where mental health is typically an issue. While the general mental health of people in America is a major concern, keep in mind that authoritarians have long used mental illness as an excuse to persecute free thinkers. In the days of slavery, they invented a completely made up disease called “Drapetomania” to pathologize slaves who wanted to escape and be free.

It’s also important to point out that it’s not just problematic people who are facing potentially lethal gun restrictions. Simply having a medical marijuana card or posting the “wrong” opinion on social media can land you on a “red flag” gun confiscation list in Amerika these days.

Kids getting shot in government indoctrination centers (schools), and mass shooters taking out their pain on innocent bystanders are clearly tragedies to be prevented, but going around stealing property from peaceful people is not the solution.

Children should not even be kept in forced miseducation camps anyway, and these mass shootings, regardless of where they take place, are an indication of a sick and depressed society. With a population in so much pain, some people are going to lash out and hurt others however they can, and if they don't have guns they find other ways, as they have in Europe by pouring acid on people or running them over with cars.

More laws won’t help.

Giving state agents more control, even a total monopoly on legal gun ownership, will not solve the deep seeded psychological problems that are causing people to act violently. Many of the mass shootings are products of abuse and neglect coupled with negative side effects of prescription medication.

Putting an end to the disastrous drug war would enable further development of safer alternatives to the typical SSRI medications with negative side effects (e.x. Cannabis/psilocybin).

There’s simply no silver bullet or magic law that will solve these issues, but reaching out to loved ones during hard times is something we can all do.

Helping people learn how to have healthy relationships, and raise children nonviolently are two especially important ways to contribute to more peace in the world. Those will be core topics of discussion at the Infinite Man Summit and the Free Your Family Camp, both held at Anarchapulco in February.

And, if you’re seeing the writing on the wall in the USSA, join us for the TDV Summit held the two days before Anarchapulco, where many of the speakers and attendees will be there to discuss expatriation and Perpetual Traveler/Prior Taxpayer lifestyles.

The truth is, we’ll never be able to get rid of all the guns, nor should we want to. Firearms are the great equalizer, enabling women of any size to defend themselves from larger threats.

Gun control continues to be used by the political elite to disarm those that pose a threat to their tyranny. Do not let them win. Defend yourself, and don't become another statistic.



Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante

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