The Most Powerful People In The World Just Met In Secret [VIDEO]

A few libertarians have been trolling the “Bilderbergers” for years. We know who they are, and they know us too.

In an attempt to quell rumors and exposure, the date and location of this year’s clandestine Bilderberg meeting was kept private until hours before it started.

I remember when the time and place of their annual event was disclosed weeks or months in advance, spurring a frenzy of protesters and alternative media descending upon the venue, hoping to get some insight on the global elite’s next plans.

I’ve traveled to several of these things, and each one was full of the strangest moments, ranging from all black helicopters circling above our heads, to getting kicked out of the hotel where the meeting was happening.


Let me take a step back.

A few years ago, Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change), Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), and myself—while in Germany to cover the G20 Summit—decided to take our official G20 press passes and drive to where Bilderberg was also taking place, to see if we could get in.

Using a bit of NPC-bypassing, “we’re not the droids you’re looking for” social hacking, we managed to get security personnel to let us right into the massive resort where the powers that shouldn’t be were about to hold their exclusive conference.


Once inside our hotel room, though, it wasn’t long before Austria’s chief of police aggressively pounded on the door, demanding we immediately leave the premises. They were prepared to physically remove us, so we obliged, but not without capturing some incredible footage during the whole experience.

Aside from tightened security, a lower profile, and perhaps more censorship and harassment of journalists than ever, it seems things haven’t changed much since then.

With practically zero advance notice, my friend Luke hopped on a plane last week to make it to Switzerland just in time for Bilderberg 2019—but he was detained as soon as he arrived at the airport. The goons ultimately allowed him in, but it’s a strong reminder that serious journalism is not welcome among the elite.

Watch My Full Breakdown of Bilderberg 2019:

A common theme with so many of the power brokers in attendance this year is that their “wealth” wasn’t truly earned. Whether it’s inherited or stolen or whatever the means, these political parasites are incapable of creating any value beneficial to society.

For this reason, I believe the most impassioned and freethinking people will always prevail against them, no matter what kind of schemes they may come up with. Luke and Dan are regulars at Anarchapulco, The World’s Premier Liberty Event, alongside thought-leaders like Ron Paul, Jeffrey Tucker, and even David Icke.

Our gathering is the antithesis of Bilderberg (GET TICKETS)!

Thousands of liberty lovers come together annually on the beautiful beaches of Acapulco to celebrate freedom and help one another evolve, through philosophy, health, entrepreneurship, and personal relationships.

As for what the mega-billionaires feel so inclined to discuss in secrecy? It’s obvious to me:

✓ perpetuating globalism
✓ mass surveillance
✓ subverting culture

And so much more… including pushing fake “crypto” scams, like Facebook’s laughable GlobalCoin! I suppose that does sound safer than “NWO Coin” or Illuminati Coin. Until recently, the establishment and corporations would simply badmouth bitcoin—now they all want to take it over!

But while the propaganda machine tried to steer you away from the most lucrative investment and liberating technology, we chose to feature BTC in The Dollar Vigilante Newsletter in 2011, when it was trading at only $3!

Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, has come a long way since then, and you can still be part of what’s to come by SUBSCRIBING NOW to TDV.

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