Warning: How To Be Rich, Poor At The Same Time [VIDEO]

Sewage is flowing in the streets outside of Google’s headquarters…

Seriously, since “the rent is too damn high,” an unsightly camp of mobile homes has sprung up in the expensive Silicon Valley neighborhood, home to the world’s largest tech giants.

After complaints of sewage being spilled from trailers and into the roads around the Googleplex campus, angry Mountain View residents voted to ban RVs… because “Muh (violence-backed) laws” will fix the problem!

My friends at We Are Change reported recently on how a surprising number of young tech professionals are avoiding crippling mortgages and rent, in favor of… vans.

That’s right: as housing costs soar and the US economy slides closer to implosion, the most “privileged” group of people in history find themselves poorer than their parents and grandparents before them…


It’s all juxtaposed by Google’s fancy homebase across the street, standing strong as one of the most powerful corporations. Yet, with all their wealth, the company that famously changed its motto from “Don’t Be Evil” to “Do the right thing” still can’t seem to pay employees a livable wage these days!


Wait, before you call Comrade Sanders for “help” or think I’m advocating for some government intervention, take a moment to consider the true cause of privileged poverty.

For one, it’s not necessarily the case that Google isn’t paying their workers a decent wage. Most Americans consider someone to be ‘rich’ if they earn more than $100,000 per year. The average salary of a Google employee is over $112,000.

The cost-of-living issue has a lot more to do with terrible economic and monetary policy, which is a problem affecting the entire US, but further exacerbated by Commie-fornia’s insanely high taxes. Of course, the only appropriate and reasonable tax rate anywhere is 0% because taxation is theft!

This brings to mind that Con-gross lady who decided to grandstand about how little JP Morgan pays its workers—all while conveniently glossing over how taxes are the second highest personal “expense” in her example:


Yes, the average working parent spends less on their grocery bills than on their tax bills. Struggling moms and dads are being charged more in state extortion fees than they’re paying for after-school childcare!

In fact, nearly 80 percent of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck, so the portion of it that politicians steal (to “legitimize” their crimes) is quite significant.

This is where the Federal Reserve System becomes implicated in the modern poverty paradox. “Central planning” (especially that of central banks) only serves to enrich corrupt insiders while exploiting everyone else.

Really, everyone! When it’s so bad that software engineers (one of the highest-paid careers) at one of the biggest companies on Earth can’t make ends meet without drastic lifestyle adjustments, perhaps this is truly the death of the middle class

So much for “learn to code.” Oh, but you want to be a computer programmer? Well, you’ll have plenty of time for programming when you’re living in a van down by the river!


I’ve seen comments from people angrily declaring that they’ll “never invest in crypto!” However, these same people will put most of their wealth into the US dollar which is, quite literally, making average people poorer while enriching the “one percent.”

It comes down to 100 years of currency inflation, causing the prices of goods and services to rise dramatically—all while wages scramble to keep up, but always fall short.

Meanwhile, “educated” millennials with overpriced degrees will overlook the role of the Fed in their own hardship—even as the sewage piles up around them! I cover all this and more in my new vlog report.

Watch The Full Video Here:

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