The Truth About Racism, Supremacy, and Trauma [VIDEO]

For a moment, imagine yourself trapped in an eternally shrinking vacuum of space, where you are former pond scum that fornicated yourself into a mutant fish-monkey.

You live in fear of tumbling asteroids, your own footprints, and the magic of E=MC2.

Now wake up.

For centuries, people have been programmed by the spellcraft of their controllers. There is an actual blueprint for mind control, and a new book completely exposes it.

Our media and Hollywood are licensed fear porn agents,” says author James True. “They’re here to keep you impotent and hide the truth that we are still living in a world of human slavery and sacrifice.”

He’s right. The trauma in our world can only be solved with awareness. We need to realize the controlling effects of the psychology behind our “educational” propaganda.


James True earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion while working for the US Navy as a sub hunter. He then honorably served the market as an art director and published a syndicated cartoon strip.

Next, he became a successful, self-taught software engineer. But these days, the most important thing to James is using the power of good psychology to tell inspiring stories.

True’s latest book reveals the anatomy of evil as a careless machine. This modern system is the feeding ground of vampires.

It’s time to liberate your spirit.

“There is technology to our thoughts,” explains James:

“Your mind can be baptized in a single question. All you have to do is ask: Is that true?
We remain as defenseless as a baby when we give them blind trust.”

I have to agree.


For Anarchast episode 462, James joined me to explore everything from government mind control, bioregionalism, and local currencies, to ancient civilizations, science, and pyramid taxation vs regional autonomy.

We also covered trauma programming, the symbolism of the twin towers, the replacing of sacred archetypes with trivialities, evil and Satan.

We even talked about how to get in touch with our own sacred nature!

Enjoy the Full Show here:

Unplug from the Matrix, before you forget.

The nature of real community is empathy, compassion, and understanding. It is not prejudice, polarization, or supremacy.

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