Is Freedom better than Democracy? [VIDEO]

[The following is from TDV’s Senior Analyst, Edmond Bugos]


Democracy is the God that failed


I truly believe we are seeing the beginning of a transition in much the same way the world transformed from the rule of Monarchs to so-called representative governments and electoral politics, or as we are taught, where the people are “allowed” to govern themselves. 


Most call this democracy, but whatever it is, it’s not freedom… at least not yet. We’re getting there, though!  


With massive public indebtedness, economic crises, increasing inflationary policies, egregious government spending and taxation, creeping socialism and despotic rule in some places where the process is particularly corrupt…  


These are symptoms of what is wrong with “democracy” … 


Moral relativism, unsound money, government bloat, war, chaos, irrationality, us against them, high time preference, and so on.  


Of course, we should have known better than to believe that we can “govern ourselves” by forfeiting most of our choices to the collective instead of making them on our own accord. 


We should know better than to believe crap like “we owe it to ourselves” or that your electoral votes resemble any sort of representation. 

It’s all a sham. The truth is that politicians don’t have any real power. 


The people who control the government are the administrators in charge of large crown corporations and bureaucracies, big federal departments, the unions, utilities, defense contractors, securities regulators, and the banksters and power brokers who run the central bank. 


When the elected politician comes in, especially if it were to be someone who really rose up from the people rather than someone selected by the establishment, he or she is treated as a nuisance, a pariah to be undermined and conspired against. 


In some senses, Trump fits this role, but he has fooled a lot of people, because his supporters may be a reflection of populism, but he certainly did not arise from any true grassroots movement. 


Trump is not a real outsider, not like Dr. Ron Paul, who should be the standard for how much of an outsider someone may be, as far as the political sphere goes. 

Democracy does not exist, neither in its pure form as mob rule nor its contemporary form as representative government. It is an illusion. It makes government a free-for-all at best, it is a veil on the deep state at worst. Fundamentally, it is at odds with freedom.


This is true in theory and in experience. As Berwick said in the following interview, “demoncracy” was a marginal increase in freedom, but the reality is that you’re still a tax slave for at least half of your life.


In the video below, Jeff is interviewed by Adam Blair about everything from censorship, road pirates, and TV propaganda, to violence in the USSA, safety in Mexico, and propping up the petro-dollar. 


They also covered the importance of crypto to freedom, opening our minds and waking up. 


Enjoy the full show:


Are the things we say here at TDV really that controversial? Here’s a fact… taxation is theft. 


That’s not just an opinion. 


It may sound crazy, but getting good information is both easier and more difficult than ever these days. 


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Ed Bugos

Mr. Bugos is the Dollar Vigilante's Senior Analyst and founding partner. He is an Austrian economist and has been a dedicated investment professional since 1989, having started his career as a stock and futures broker on Howe Street at one of Vancouver's leading brokerage firms. Ed retired in 2000 warning clients about the tech bubble, and launched an online digest forecasting gold's revival and bull market when it was just $285. He saw the value in bitcoin as a potentially sounder alternative to the present fiat currency system as early as 2011 before many of his Austrian peers. Ed has built a career record of being early on major economic trends, bullish and bearish.

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