How To Save Cryptocurrency For Retirement [VIDEO]

Over the course of the last few years, a common problem in the crypto ecosystem has been a lack of USD to crypto conversion in a timely way.  It has been difficult for some to purchase cryptocurrencies with US dollars, especially in any significant amount. 


Fortunately, that’s all changing now!  


Still, not many know that an LLC IRA is practically the only way to control cryptocurrency private keys in a retirement account.  It also allows people to manage delivery and storage options of precious metals. 


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets, who is an expert when it comes to the “Bitcoin IRA” and self-directed IRA.  We discussed everything from the importance of a paced and rational investment strategy, to the panic at the front lines of the crypto-metal space.  


“Our primary focus has always been clients having as much control over their capital as possible,” said Gus.  


Our conversation covered institutional money, the attitudes of compliance officers, financial self-education, crypto vocabulary, FOMO, and more! 


Check out the full interview:


Of course, it’s usually wise to start small when learning crypto tech. Avoid panic moves. 


And if you already have an IRA, you really need to hear this information (video above) before it’s too late. 


Gus Demos will be speaking at TDV’s upcoming Internationalization and Investment Summit February 11-12, along with Doug Casey, Edmond Bugos, myself and so many others who have devoted their lives to promoting the principles of economic freedom and financial independence



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