CORONA-CHAOS! Stock Markets Collapse, Martial Law Goes Worldwide

Through all this corona chaos I can’t help but laugh a bit. You really have to laugh at how blatantly obvious the plans of the globalists actually are.

More than anything, I am laughing out of intrigue because I have been saying this kind of event would happen in the markets for a long time now.

In the US things have started to ramp up as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has deployed the National Guard to New Rochelle, a coronavirus hot spot just north of New York City.

And over the past few weeks, we’ve watched as the Dow Jones has sold off and crashed by amounts not seen since Black Monday in 1987.

Then, on Sunday, the Federal Reserve decided to slash interest rates yet again, to 0%, for the second time in the same week! This move is unprecedented and is the first time since the 2008 financial crisis that the Fed has reduced its key rate outside of a regularly scheduled monetary policy meeting.

As you’d imagine, this caused panic in the markets and futures markets plunged 1,000 points triggering what they call “limit down levels”

But the circuit breakers weren’t the only things triggered…

With one talking head saying:

And his coworker hopping on the same bandwagon:

As you can see, these anchors much like those who watch CNBC have gone completely batty as markets tumble and their view of the financial world is proving itself to be drastically different from reality.

Additionally, the Fed officially announced another round of QE, (to infinity and beyond) and this time is buying up $500 billion dollars in treasury bonds as well as $200 billion in mortgage-backed securities.

In the Philippines though, the markets have already been closed, being the first country in the world to do so by suspending trade.

All I can say is wow! I feel like I am having deja vu from 2008… but this will be much, much worse. You can just feel the tension as this entire financial system continues to teeter on the edge of collapse.

But, this is what we have been waiting for. In fact, It’s precisely the reason why we started the Dollar Vigilante. And it’s truly fascinating to watch unfold! Especially because you never know exactly how things will turn out.

Of course, at TDV one thing we are sure of is that through all this strife, we are going to be booking some more massive profits.

It was just over a week ago now that one of our shorts ended up making our subscribers and our team over 811%!

But that was only the beginning. Through financial crises, there are always boundless opportunities for investment and speculation.  But, it is going to be very, very difficult and tricky as so many things will be shutting down.

To hear my thoughts on what’s coming next, check out my walk and talk video here:

And, we are a bit delayed, but the next issue of TDV comes out on Wednesday and is probably our most important issue since we began.  All of our analysts will be giving their best info and advice to not only survive, but prosper during what is going to be complete insanity.

Subscribe HERE to get it as soon as it comes out.

And, stay safe out there.

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