Cascadero Copper Corp Update – April 08, 2017

Cascadero Copper Corp (CCD.V, C$0.115, 180.92m SO)​ confirmed that after weather related delays put them back by 5 weeks, the drills are now spinning at the more than 4km elevation at the Taron project in North Salta, Argentina. The stock price has weakened a bit in the news vacuum and uncertainty over the CEO’s health but has for the most part held above the 10 cent level. This is not all that bad considering the behavior of the sector over the past two months. Nevertheless, the market doesn’t like uncertainty, which is probably why it weakened. But if you have not bought any shares in this company now is the time to do it. 


I’m both nervous and excited about this drill program because we’re about to find out if there’s a mine there or not. And despite the indications – the previous drill holes, trenching, and the scope of the hydrothermal alteration – in the end all the potential in the world can’t stand up to the truth of the drill. It’s a dream killer. 


I see Cascadero as a steal below a dime, even without Taron. They have many irons in the fire. 


They have several projects worth joint venturing in Argentina and BC, and prospects for monetizing at least two of them in the near to medium term future. First Quantum appears to want to advance its Taca Taca mine in Argentina, and at some point in the medium term it is going to have to contend with Cascadero and its shared adjoining properties. 


Including Taron, and its potential, I rated the stock as a buy up to 15 cents before drilling. And, if drilling produces a Cesium resource, up to 25 cents. 


The rest depends on what the PEA says. 


I’ve suggested a successful PEA could bring valuations of 50 cents up to $1 per share, and a buy out of even more, if all works out. If Taron is a fail the stock could easily fall back to a nickel even though it would still be worth more based on its other assets. This is because there are some 30 million options and warrants outstanding, exercisable between 5 and 15 cents. If Taron proves a hit then their exercise could bring in over $3 million in capital that would go a long way towards advancing the project even further. So the risk reward ratio from the current 11 cent (CAD) level is about a 6-7 cent loss if Taron is a dud or the general market collapses or something unforeseen happens on the negative side compared to a 14 – 39 cent gain in the short term, or at least 2:1 up to a 6:1 ratio, depending on what is drilled into and its ultimate scope. That may be too bullish or may not be bullish enough, way too hard to tell! If they get silver in those assays, which they have in previous assays, then the market will be all over it – if they are surprisingly rich or thick. Whether Silver or Cesium, if they hit, the shares would deserve to be re-rated. Cascadero “​plans to drill 29 vertical HQ3 core holes (see map inset) to a depth of 75 metres for a total of 2,175 metres in completing a grid style pattern to test an area of about 1.6 square kilometres​.”

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