CELEBRATE! The Epidemic Is Over!

Let’s All Get Back to Work and Play Today!


And just like that, the danger has passed. The big bad virus is dead, or at least going, fast. It’s almost, well…incredible. Not that I’m complaining.

A few days ago, most of the US was still in a state of panic about the 0.007% of America’s population who have died from the coronavirus. People were ready to deliver their friends and neighbors to the authorities for daring to walk their dog. Soldiers and police patrolled the streets looking for drifters like some sort of dystopian movie. We were told to get used to the “new normal” – that is, being locked in your house, too cowed by the almighty contagion to leave your couch.

Now, suddenly, the threat seems to be almost over. In the US they can even put a magical date to when corona won’t be such a problem anymore to justify more than self-responsible social distancing. (It’s May 1st, by the way)

How is this possible? Well, either it is basically just the regular flu which mainly kills older people, or it was a huge blunder by the medical profession, or it was planned.  Pro tip: it was planned.

Still, the US wants 35 million tests for COVID-19 to be done per day. So kind, so generous, so funny to watch their painful attempts at justification for murdering the world’s economies.

Long live the economic pandemic.

As of April 16th, the total claims filed by US citizens for unemployment benefits for the last four weeks has climbed to 22 million. That’s about 13 % of the country’s entire workforce, the highest unemployment rate since the start of the second world war (also planned by the globalists).

Pensions have become worthless almost overnight. There will be enormous financial repercussions, although if we’re lucky not quite Great-Depression-bad. The governments and pharma and the big techs and the globalists are not quite ready for people to wake up out of their forced trance. They would have preferred for the mass mind control and hypnosis to last a little longer.  

That’s okay, they don’t really need more time. They can work with what they’ve achieved. (But so can you!)

Eight years ago I predicted almost exactly what is happening now. A few of us have been discussing this very thing…We’ve been told we’re the evil, hateful, or fear-mongering ones. That we’re the conspiracy theorists for asking questions that everyone should be asking.

Still don’t believe me?

Then what about this: While the madness has distracted us, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) called for a globally coordinated move against stablecoins of all varieties, including supervision and regulation of the fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies. In addition, the FSB suggests to authorities that, if they can’t control and regulate fully decentralized stablecoins, they should consider banning them.

Make sure you watch my walk and talk with Lucy to find out what you should be doing right now to take advantage of the many opportunities which have opened up, and make lots of money…think precious metals, gold & uranium stocks and, of course, cryptocurrencies.

Don’t miss the video, this is really important stuff – watch it here – like it, share it. (Warning, there’s talk of bobcats, kisses and some celebratory whoopin’)

 We are being socially engineered by the best of them and the time to fight back is now.  

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A corrupt, inescapable, and inhumane digital dictatorship is no longer a matter of looking into the future, it’s now at our doorsteps. We’ve seen it in action. Don’t shut up, stand up. And don’t let it happen again.

Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and creator of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, as well he has been embarrassed to have appeared in the fake mainstream media including CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. Jeff also posts video content daily to YouTube, Bitchute, LBRY and 153News.

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