Here Comes Greta! …And Other Coronavirus Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

 Here Comes Greta!

 …And Other Coronavirus Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

New York City mayor Cuomo says it won’t fully reopen until August – at the fastest.

Los Angeles is warning that the local “stay-at-home order” may have to be extended until August, while Mayor Eric Garcetti says there will be no return to normal until a cure or a vaccine comes along.

“I think we know it’s going to be even longer than three months…We’re not moving past Covid-19, we’re learning to live with it. We’re not going to go back to pre-Covid life any time soon or move forward without a medicine or vaccine.”

Luckily, a new $138 million US government contract will fund production of 500 million pre-filled Covid-19 vaccine “injection devices” – enough to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the entire country one and a half times.

(Ask yourself what an “injection device” entails. I’m willing to bet it contains Gates’ ID tracking nano chips, and then BAM! Want to access your bank account, computer, supermarket, online shopping, work, sport matches, or school…you’ll ONLY be able to do so if the machines that scan your body for the vaccine chip/quantum tattoo are happy. You don’t have it; you’re not going anywhere buddy…)

These “pre-filled injection devices” will be able to completely capture your privacy and control your freedom of movement, assembly and transaction. In fact, it will have almost every invasive power you can think of…


…fighting Covid-19…

Even Fauxi openly admitted to a U.S. Senate committee that there is no guarantee that a vaccine “is actually going to be effective”. The reason is obvious. Covid-19 is just another, possibly more contagious, strain of the Coronavirus (fact), which is the same as most other flus and colds (fact). To date, they haven’t been able to find a blanket vaccine for coronavirus because the strains mutate every year (fact). That’s why the flu vaccine is adjusted EVERY YEAR according to the new strains.

So when they tell us the world can only open up once a vaccine is available for Covid-19 which will be a year down the line…what about Covid-20 and Covid-21 and so on…?

But for now, there is no vaccine, and the grandmasters are using their police pawns to enforce lockdown restrictions for months (years?) to come.

Only, here’s the kicker, lockdown seems to be getting the opposite results!

Watch the video below to see why 66% of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME and NOT essential workers. On top of that, 96% of new hospitalizations have underlying health conditions.


But more importantly, watch the video as my and Lucy’s most favorite child celebrity is making a star appearance – because what CNN coronavirus panel would be complete without a 17-year old world-renowned climate change infectious disease specialist? Can’t wait for her feedback on Swedish herd immunity…

I’m also talking about Good Cops Speaking Out, Sumo Wrestlers and Black Mirror – so don’t miss today’s Lucy and Jeff Show.

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