IMPORTANT INFO: Trust the Health Experts and Report All Cheek Kissers!

Because if you don’t, you WILL be bullied into submission!

[Bully: People who seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)]

[Synonyms: persecute, oppress, tyrannize, torment, browbeat, intimidate]

People are being intimidated by fear of an overblown death virus and the “full clampdown of the law” into surrendering all their rights, but as anyone who has ever been persecuted will tell you:

  • You’re an easy target for bullies because you behave like an easy target for them.
  • People will only mistreat you as much as you allow them to.
  • Ignoring your bullies will only make them come back to you more.

Speaking of… Most of the Health Czars look as if they probably could have been bullied as children – maybe that’s why they’re turning the tables on us now? Or maybe they’re just REALLY scared that the CoronaLIErus is gonna get them, because have you ever seen a group of more unhealthy-looking people?

Oh, and talking about trustworthy health officials. In 2017, the WHO (World Hell Organization) thought that one of the world’s biggest human rights abusers would make a great WHO goodwill ambassador, because, according to the communist in charge, he would be able to “use his role to influence his peers in his region.”

Hey, but even though Bob Mugabe may have killed more people and caused more deaths through starvation than even that other icon of evil, Idi Amin, he DID make everyone in his country a trillionaire, so he probably deserved to take his seat among the WHO cabal.

But don’t despair, because you too, will likely soon be a trillionaire – it’s all part of the plandemic!

Today, Lucy and I are recording in Tepotzotlán, Mexico. That’s because we had to leave the safety of our house to investigate the carnage and chaos in Mexico City where the ovens never stop burning! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s The Lucy and Jeff Show where we reveal THE UNMASKED TRUTH ABOUT SUPER DANGEROUS MEXICO CITY WHERE EVERYONE IS DYING!

Back to today’s highlights: Lucy gets Cov-19 – but then miraculously gets better – as it happens when she smells tacos… No kisses because then we’ll be reported on CrimeLine.

Last week a surveillance plane started flying over Baltimore, recording every one of its 600,000 citizens’ movements. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said residents should “look at this as an experiment,” and that he sees no privacy concern. He is supported by Citizen Marvin L. Cheatham Sr., for one, who knows he could be watched as he goes to a doctor’s appointment or visits friends. He’ll be spied upon in his backyard, and as he steps into his car, and when he drives around the city, his entire trip will be recorded, too. All his movements will be captured, and he’s OK with this — even though police will have no search warrant, and the overwhelming majority of Baltimore’s citizens will have committed no crimes.


If you, like Marvin, are ok with being persecuted, oppressed, tyrannized, tormented, browbeaten and intimidated into having your civil rights destroyed, go right ahead: wear your mask, hide behind your TV, fear the bullies! If not:

  • Make yourself strong – physically and mentally
  • Take a stand for yourself and others
  • Be prepared to fight if you need to (like the waitresses at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado)  

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Jeff Berwick

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