LOCKDOWN 2020: Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting

Suddenly, we’re not “in this together” anymore.

Suddenly, it’s “every man for himself”.

Especially when it comes to deliberately destroying old ladies’ shops in the name of Anarchy!

Larken Rose, that “angry white guy with a gun”, says it best:

“One common misconception about anarchy is that it means “every man for himself” or “survival of the fittest,” where everyone has to be selfish and self-sufficient, where there is no real cooperation or organization, and where people all behave like violent, selfish animals.”

Except it’s the exact opposite.

The violent, selfish animals are the politicians and the banksters and the Military-Information-Terror cabal. It’s the people who give you no choice. Who steal your money in the name of “Tax”; who force you to inject your children with poison as a smokescreen for population control and mass surveillance; and who wouldn’t stop at creating a virus, or a terror attack, or a martyr, or an organized riot – all in the name of domination.

They’ve taken your jobs, your businesses, your freedom of speech and freedom of movement. Now they’re coming for your social security, your pension, and your house.

Many people believe that you need a ruling class to give commands and enforce rules, through regulation and legislation (and violence if necessary), to dominate people into getting along, and cooperating. Because if there is no government to organize us, there can be no structure to society, right?

Sheeple need a Shepherd

How does a VERY small group of people control a VERY large group of people?

The answer is fear of the consequence of non-compliance, right? But, it is also because people are born with an innate moral compass. We want to do good, but we want to do it on our own terms. That’s the very essence of being an anarchist, or voluntaryist: believing that all human behavior should be based upon voluntary interaction, not force.

The right question to ask would be why do we allow ourselves to be tyrannized, oppressed and extorted by a tiny group of people that we didn’t even necessarily vote into place?

Because, according to Rose, “most of the victims of legal thuggery and theft see it as necessary and legitimate.”

“People feel morally obligated to obey the politicians’ ‘laws’, any who resist are viewed as ‘criminals’ or ‘tax-cheats’, even by their own friends and neighbors. Most people see government domination as necessary and valid, and so they cooperate with their own victimization.”

Lucy and I are a bit upset that anarchists’ bad rap in the media are blowing up again. We love a good anarchy as much as the next guy and his Chihuahua, but for the right reasons and never, ever by destroying other people’s private property or rights. So let’s call ourselves voluntaryists then, we’re certainly always ready to voluntarily engage with a taco or tamale!

And that way we won’t be caught and spat out in the same net as the NYC mayor’s daughter and all the other looters and rioters who are getting off the hook – on the house.

Watch the video for this and to see why many people are already missing social distancing.


Exciting news for capital anarchists and voluntaryists everywhere is that Crypto-anarchy is on the rise.

Bitcoin does very well in inflationary crony-capitalist environments. But it thrives in anarchy.

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Don’t be a looter or a rioter, that’s not anarchy. Choose to be free to make your own decisions – then accept the responsibility of your choice.

“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

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Jeff Berwick

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