#ITakeResponsibility to Expose CIA Hollyweird and the Coronahoax Plandemic

“All the lies that have ever been told or ever will be told fall into three categories, or strategies: lies of commission, lies of omission, and lies of influence.”

― Philip Houston, Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception

Thanks for pointing out your methods CIA, but we already knew that.

Here is the same message by Jeff Berwick: “Everything you have ever been told by governments, the mainstream media, Hollywood movies and the school system have been mostly lies…”

From the beginning of time, people have always believed the convincing storyteller, with no critical thought as to the origins of these words. These are the same type of people that listen to CNN and CBC and BBC and believe every word they hear.

Don’t you find it interesting to see how badly liberals, especially, want to believe in the lockdown?

They seem almost desperate to believe that what their governments are telling them to do is right and in their best interest.

To the point where they’ll even turn rabid on one of their acolytes, Bill Maher – when he dared to go against the status quo by saying the virus doesn’t seem to affect healthy, younger people so millennials should get back to the business of living.  

Why is that?

Mark Twain said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”.

Hearing things you want to believe and having others reinforce those beliefs releases dopamine in the reward center of the brain. It’s like mind candy.

And let’s face it, challenging popular opinions and beliefs is difficult and doing so properly requires critical thinking and fact checking which is harder than listening to and accepting things that you already believe or want to believe.

One guy who isn’t afraid of having an “unpopular opinion” is Russia’s Dr. Fauci-counterpart – Alexander Myasnikov.

His take on Coronavirus in a recent interview is that “It’s Just the Flu, It’s All Bulls*t”.

“It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease (i.e. the flu) with minimal mortality. Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know.”

Lucy and I couldn’t agree more, Dr. Myasnikov.

Worried about the Coronavirus? Take responsibility for yourself! Only YOU have to take care of you. No one else.

Here in Mexico, we believe in @ITakeResponsibility. I am taking good care of myself, getting in shape, and getting rid of my last addictions and bad habits. Well, except tacos & kisses, but those are necessary for a healthy soul. And speaking of happiness, Lucy is VERY excited about her new line of T-shirts for men and women – available at www.dollarvigilante.com/store

I haven’t been able to watch hockey in a long time, but there’s been other things coming out of Canada lately that are not as good. Watch the video for shocking news on a major Canadian false flag event and find out more about how to stop Canada’s 5G rollout.


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Jeff Berwick

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