I’m back to Fighting Cops, Escaping from Jail and Freeing Slaves…

Let’s talk a bit more about the most expensive ad ever made: Gillette’s We Believe: The Best a Man Can Be ad in 2019 cost P&G $8 billion in losses after the monster backlash from men caused its razor sales to take a spectacular dive.

Of course, the company denies that its “Toxic Masculinity” ad had anything to do with it.

I would have loved to have listened to that strategy meeting: Want to get sales up? Let’s tell our main target market that they are “too manly”, rapists and sexist bullies…let’s throw them under the bus and watch how they line up to buy our razors.


Have to wonder why men and women were created with defined physical, physiological and psychological differences if we weren’t purposed differently?

The Best A Man Can Be

Snowflake champions of ‘social justice’ like to scream that ‘masculine privilege’ is the idea that men are afforded unearned benefits, rights, and advantages in society.  

How about masculine obligation? Your JOB as a man is to provide and protect. It’s what you were designed for. 

Even in the most progressive of families, when something goes bump in the night, the man will not send his wife to investigate while he huddles under the covers. When the car stalls in the middle of nowhere, a man will not send his wife to walk miles in search of the nearest gas station while he stays to wait with the kids in the locked car. 

The Art of Manliness says it perfectly: “You may believe that a real man cultivates his mind, or does creative work, or shares his feelings openly, or happily plays tea party with his daughter, or loves Jesus. But none of those things — no philosophizing, or worshiping, or reading, or parenting — is possible…if you and your loved ones are dead. 

“Thus, I think it can clearly be argued that the very core of traditional manhood is the protector role, and every attribute that is most distinctly masculine is tied to that role. It’s the foundation for both being good at being a man and being a good man.” 

If you’re a man, stand up for yourself…and others. 

I’ve always been a guy that leads by example: watch today’s Lucy and Jeff Show to see how my time in Tulum, Mexico ended on an interesting note: fighting cops, escaping from jail and freeing slaves.

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The Best A Man Can Get 

Having done my duty, I then jumped on a private jet home with my family. 

And, I’m happy, ‘cause Monero has jumped by another 6% to almost $100!

My wife and kids are happy, ‘cause we just had a break in the Mexican Riviera where they didn’t have to mask up, could swim in the sea and eat at all the restaurants that are still going strong. 

This is the best a man can get. 

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“A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from women, and it is confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.”

 – Camille Paglia

Jeff Berwick

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