Branch Covidians, Socialist Distancing and Fascism 2021

The BIG LIE. I’ve talked about it a lot. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. There’s a lot of facts about BIG LIES in my new book; The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire.

Covid is a BIG LIE. Vaccinations too. Keeping yourself and others safe by wearing masks…LIE! A level playing field where you have as much of nothing as the guy next to you –– and you’re both happy as clams… A LIE!  Gun reform will eliminate gun violence and save lives. NOPE. The media, the government, Big Pharma, Big Tech –– all have your best interests at heart. NOT TRUE. A Great Reset to a classless society in which goods and services are shared equitably to the benefit of all. LIE! LIE! LIE!

BIG LIES are nothing new. People cannot seem to get their heads around huge, elaborate perfectly staged lies, because “who would do something like that?”

There’s more in today’s video, but here are some of the reasons why the 1969 moon landing is dodgy as shit. (Plus, the fact-checkers’ flimsy counter-arguments)

Old Glory: The American flag the astronauts planted on the moon, which should have been flaccid, the moon existing in a vacuum, is taut in photos, even waving, revealing more than NASA intended.

Knowing the flag would be flaccid, and believing a flaccid flag was no way to declare victory, engineers fitted the pole with a cross beam on which to hang the flag; if it looks like its waving, that’s because Buzz Aldrin was twisting the pole, screwing it into the lunar soil.

Lights. Camera. Action! There’s only one source of light on the moon—the sun—yet the shadows of the astronauts fall every which way, suggesting multiple light sources, just the sort you might find in a movie studio.

The multiple sources of light came from the sun, it came from the earth, it came from the lander, and it came from the astronauts’ space suits.

Blast Circle: If NASA had actually landed a craft on the moon, it would have left an impression and markings where the jets fired during takeoff. Yet, as can be seen in NASA’s own photos, there are none. You know what would’ve left no impression? A movie prop. “Conspiracy theorists” point out what looks like a C written on one of the moon rocks, as if it came straight from the special effects department.

What looks like a C is probably a shadow.

Sky Without Diamonds: Here you are, supposedly in outer space, yet we see no stars in the pictures. You know where else you wouldn’t see stars? A movie set.

The moon walks were made during the lunar morning. You don’t see stars when the sun is out, nor at night in a light-filled place, like a stadium or a landing zone.

Giant Leap for Mankind: If Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, then who was filming him going down the ladder?

A camera had been mounted to the side of the lunar module.

So what really happened?

Let’s see: John F. Kennedy had promised to send a man to the moon within the decade. And, though the US were years behind the Soviets in rocketry, they were years ahead in filmmaking.

But who, in 1969, would have been capable of staging a believable moon landing? And how did they keep these people silent for 50 years?

Could it be, that if they went public, they’d vanish as surely as had the numerous people who knew the truth about the Kennedy assassination? After all, Buzz Aldrin’s mother, a captain in the US Army, had died of “suicide” in 1968, just before the space mission, because “she didn’t think she could handle the fame that would inevitably come from her son’s achievement”. His grandfather, a US Army chaplain, had died by “suicide” just a few years before. Now, assuming these weren’t well-timed “incentives for silence and cooperation”, but real suicides pointing to Aldrin’s well recorded family history of depression, why would NASA choose this man to be part of a 3-man crew onboard the most important flight in history? Were there no better qualified people around?

NASA’s answer was that Aldrin was “ideally qualified for this work, and his intellectual inclinations ensured that he carried out these tasks with enthusiasm.”

Sounds a lot like Dr. Fraudci doesn’t it?

If you’d like to know more about BIG LIES, Odd Uncles and things that are rocketing to the moon, don’t miss today’s Lucy & Jeff Show!

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“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” –– Stanley Kubric, movie maker

“If you had any balls, you’d say ‘Oh, my God, what is that thing?’ then scream and cut your mic.” ––“Other guy” Michael Collins’s suggestion to what Armstrong should say upon stepping onto the lunar surface…

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