The Depopulation Agenda, Mask Insanity, Empty Hospitals and Rothschild’s New Govcoin

The Outer Limits, Season 1, episode 14 (Quality of Mercy)

Major John Skokes is taken prisoner during an interstellar war and thrown into a dark cell, where he meets an imprisoned female cadet.

Opening narration

“Men of war have long known that warriors must often abandon those verities they defend. Peace, human kindness, love… for they hold no meaning to the enemy. And so, to win, do we become what we despise… and despise what we become?”


After Skokes is thrown into a cell, he sees his fellow prisoner and, suspicious, questions her about her name, background and unit. Her name is Bree Tristan and she is a cadet. He spots a strange growth on her arm, and she tells him that the alien jailers have been experimenting by grafting samples of their own skin onto her, seemingly in an effort to make her into one of them.

Skokes grabs her arm and tries to forcibly rip the graft from her arm — suddenly the huge alien guard appears and drags the cadet out of the cell.

In other cells Skokes can hear the sounds of humans being tortured.

Bree is thrown back into the cell, now with a considerable fraction of her body covered in alien skin. She has given up hope and wants to die. Skokes tells her an important military secret: There is hope and Earth is not beaten. A large fleet of ships is hidden and the Earth defenses have been feigning a near-collapse. In thirty days the fleet will strike at the alien homeworld, turning the tide of the war.

The guard enters and Skokes jumps up screaming in a futile attempt to prevent Bree being taken again.

“Don’t Change her anymore!”

However, she stands up and walks to the exit.

“You don’t understand John. They’re not changing me. They’re changing me back…”

Closing narration

“In the darkest of hours… in the greatest of battles… we must never forget who, or what, we are.”


So what does the plot of a 26-year old sci-fi script have to do with today’s Lucy & Jeff Show?

Not that much, although we have some good images of people losing their human skin because of the Covaxx-19. But don’t worry! Your skin blistering off just means it’s working.

And if that isn’t enough horror for you, then watch for:

  • Never-seen-before footage of the Lord & Lady of the Rings holding court with the hobbits of the Shire.
  • The latest buzzzz from the Netherlands…and Michigan;
  • The Mount Everest strain;
  • Real doctors and nurses fighting back;
  • Why Kanada is f*cked; and
  • Why Bitcoin is f*cked.

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