Morbidly Obese People Concerned With Health Line Up For Vax Death Jab Smorgasbord

One of the social media warriors’ favorite naggings is “The government Would NEVER Do That!”

Let’s see… What else wouldn’t the government do?

Would they, for example, approve of intentionally placing homeless children with male pedophiles and even giving these hands-on dads a regular care allowance? Would they allow this practice to go on for 30 years? I’m talking of the “Kentler Project” in Berlin, where authorities allowed 1970s psychology professor Helmut Kentler to conduct his “experiment.” Kentler was convinced that sexual contact between adults and children was harmless and that male pedophiles would make especially loving foster parents.

Researchers into the project later found that it was supported by a “network across educational institutions,” the state youth welfare office and the Berlin Senate, in which pedophilia was “accepted, supported, defended.”

Oh wait – but that happened in Berlin and everyone knows the Germans are crazy. That kind of thing would NEVER happen in the land of the brave and the free; the USSA.

The US government would NEVER spray whole towns with dangerous insecticide, gassing whole neighbourhoods with the ‘miracle cure’ that could kill mosquitoes and end Polio. I bet the US government would’ve liked this to be kept hidden in the memories of dead people, but unfortunately footage from the mid-1940s showing huge groups of people being sprayed with the pesticide DDT has re-emerged.

The clips, taken from several newsreels from the time, show dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) being sprayed over people blissfully unaware of the danger they are in. The pesticide is sprayed into gardens, over swimmers at a pool and around diners eating around a dinner table.

Later scenes show United States army personnel supplying DDT to the people of Naples toward the end of the Second World War. Children can be seen having the pesticide applied to their heads and inside their clothing during the clip.

All in the name of “saving lives”.

Here’s something else the US government would NEVER do. Enrol 6-month old babies into Covaids vaccine trials to make sure it’s safe…

They would also NEVER reduce offenders’ community service sentences because getting a Covaids jab is a service to the community in itself.

The government would also NEVER bribe the masses (pun intended) with fast food and ice cream and donuts for a year –– because they know that 2.8 million people die of morbid obesity each year and that Covid deaths are specifically linked to obesity. In fact, the World Obesity Federation calculated that 2.2 million of the pandemic’s 2.5 million global deaths were in countries with high levels of obesity. And that death rates were 10x higher in countries where more than 50% of the population is overweight, pointing to the US, where 67.9% of the population lives with obesity.

Heaven forbid they would encourage people to lose weight, get out into the sun, walk around, breathe deeply and build their natural immunity.

The government would NEVER do that.

Rant over. Rant continues in the video.

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Shit is getting crazier by the day.

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Jeff Berwick

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