The Monkeypox Offensive: A Cox Pox and She-Cession Dystopian Nightmare

Joe Biden just had Covaids and has emerged from it in public with Eyes Wide Open.

Or has he?

In today’s Jeff, Lucy & Lucky show, we have excellent examples of the 3 Most Realistic CGI Characters on the Public Stage.

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You know, characters so life-like, it’s like they’re in the room with you. I’ll give you a clue:
On a scale of 1-10, all three of these CGI puppets are off the scale worried about… drumroll please… Cox Pox!

Or Schlong Covid as coined by Tucker Carlson. The horrifying virus which has never been a problem before, but which has now become a Public Hell Emergency somehow tied in with Gaids.

And, no surprise, most of San Franshithole is aflutter with fear, calling for a good old gay tiedown. We can’t wait for the Tik Tok videos, complete with good wine and cheap fags and choreographed jazz hands in the style of paragon Zelensky – ambassador of money laundering with flair and fashion!

And, talking of lockdowns… In more truth stranger than fiction…

The Cube has had a bad rap in dystopian movies.
Welcome to The Line.
It’s not just a wall. It’s your designated cell inside the wall!
With equitable views. (Yes, they actually say that in the promotional video)

Can’t wait for the Karens to get giddy about an equitable wall-for-all.

Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Jan de Bont, director of Speed and Twister, echoes, “The quality of CGI is now so good, audiences are now so used to it. They don’t know what is CGI and what is real.”

Here’s what’s real.

Agenda 2030 by Jeff and Lucy. Own a farm, be independent from the state, and be happy.

Because hey – ain’t gonna be no more one percenters. All Americans gonna be million percenters! Like all Zimbabweans. And all Venezuelans. And if you don’t like it, talk to the wall.

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Jeff Berwick

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