Cannibals and Cabals. Different Strokes For Different Folks

It’s 2022, and you are what you eat.

Lock up the spam and cheese! 

Soylent Green is the people’s snack. 

If food is lean, Go Green!

Soylent Green. The only product made of the people, for the people!

Yeah… why settle for tacos when you can eat family and friends and save the planet to boot? 

Last week I spoke about George Jetson being born in 2022, but Director Richard Fleischer’s dystopian vision of 2022 might be more accurate than he could think back in 1973 when the movie Soylent Green made its Hollywood debut. 

The story in a nutshell: In 2022 there are too many people struggling for too little food, gagging at the air, and wearing masks on a daily basis. (Interestingly, Soylent Green puts the world’s population calculations for 2022 at 7 billion people. We hit 7.9 billion in 2021)

Soylent is one giant corporation that has the power to exacerbate global hunger. Of course. And they know just how to control an insurrection of the jobless, foodless, and homeless: 

The cops don’t mount tanks and urban assault vehicles. 

They don’t scoot activists into unmarked minivans. 

They come in with dump trucks and bulldozers and ship them off in “scoops.”

But hey! It’s just a movie, right? 

And the stuff we’re talking about – you know, the deliberate shutdown of food sources; the new-age BILLionaire farmers; the easy transition from bug-dogs to man-made wieners; it’s all just a big old crazy conspiracy theory… 

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Jeff Berwick

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