Super Villains And Social Decay, The Empire Is Collapsing

Sometimes a rat is just a rat. 

Sometimes they are Demonrats

You know, like the people who just instituted the ‘student loan giveaway’ for people who need some ‘breathing room’ i.e. Joe Biden and his federal cohorts. Too bad if you’re one of the dumb ‘Muricans who worked to pay their taxes and pay off their own and their kids’ student loans. In exchange, you have become the lucky winner of paying for 80,000 new IRS agents with a license to steal your money to pay off government debt. 

No breathing room for you, pal! 

Oh, and you also have the privilege to sponsor young people fresh from the government indoctrination camps who think there are 103 stars on the American flag, don’t know where the Queen of England is from, and that Commifornia is the capital of the United States. 

You can’t make this shit up. 

Then there are the Bureaurats, who will always submissively vote for and prostrate themselves before the supersized Comrats

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm “the vote was taken at once, and it was agreed by an overwhelming majority that rats were comrades. There were only four dissentients, the three dogs and the cat, who was afterwards discovered to have voted on both sides.”

And, few readers will ever forget 1984’s Room 101, deep inside the ironically named Ministry of Love, where political prisoners endure ‘the worst thing in the world’. For Orwell’s protagonist, Winston, this happened to be rats:

‘I have pressed the first lever,’ said O’Brien. ‘You understand the construction of this cage. The mask will fit over your head, leaving no exit. When I press this other lever, the door of the cage will slide up. These starving brutes will shoot out of it like bullets. Have you ever seen a rat leap through the air? They will leap onto your face and bore straight into it. Sometimes they attack the eyes first. Sometimes they burrow through the cheeks and devour the tongue.’

Orwell also warned about rats’ proclivity for going after children, noting that in some places “a woman daren’t leave a baby alone for two minutes. It’s the great huge brown ones that do it.”

Finally, sometimes rats are just common laboratory animals – pawns in an experiment not unlike the social “experiment” of 1984 – vapid and vaccinated, fluorated and indoctrinated. Spitting venom at the “most hated family in America”, where everyone is happy with the gender they were assigned at birth. 

You want to talk hate-speech? Or extremism? Just walking my dogs and wondering, how is open talk (and applause) about how we should reduce and control the population not the epitome of hate speech? Which is one of the things we talk about in today’s Jeff and Lucy and Lucky show, we talk about ‘How to spot a supervillain’, and things you can do to escape the rat race, including:  

  • Becoming financially independent 
  • Moving to a more rural area and becoming self-sustaining
  • Adopting a Buddha-like mindset
  • Developing an inner attitude of detachment from materialistic pursuits
  • Detaching from the norms of society
  • Becoming a Dollar Vigilante member and learning how to do all these things! 

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Jeff Berwick

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