Synagogue of Satan: Apocalyptic Genocide in Bethlehem for Hannukah

You’re a Zionist. 

And you’re a Zionist. 

Everyone’s a Zionist! 

*No yarmulke, shul, or kosher diet required 

**Supporting apocalyptic genocide and unleashing hell on women and children: Non-negotiable

Even the USA’s First dementia patient pedophile proclaimed himself to be a Zionist at a recent Hannukah event.  This is no surprise as almost every other US politician is too.  And, thanks to the wonders of democracy, next year you can go into a closet with Israeli voting machines and choose which Zionist you prefer to rule you.  

In the USA you can choose between Zionist Joe Biden and Zionist Donald Trump. Not to be mistaken with Donald Tusk – Poland’s new “whatever-wing-gets-me-selected” Prime Murderer and World Economic ForThem (WEF) member. 

The very Tusk who has said that “there is no Polish culture without Jewish culture” and compared his own family history to the Jewish experience, describing the Kashubian minority as a people who, “like the Jews, are people who were born and live in border areas and were suspected by the Nazis and by the Communists of being disloyal”. Here’s the kicker: Tusk's grandfather, Józef Tusk, had been a Nazi collaborator during WWII, having served in the German Wehrmacht during the war. 

Late last month, Geert Wilders was (s)elected as Prime Minister in the Netherlands.  He’s pro-Israhell, anti-Hellastine, and a Zionist of course.

And, in Argentina, on his very first day in office, New Zionist On The Block Xavier Milei announced that they were joining the Paris Climate Accord to combat “global warming.” The very same anarcho-capitalist president who professes he wants to join the J-cult, who hangs out with Bill Epstein Clinton, and who just gifted his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy (also a Z-Jew) with a long embrace and a menorah to celebrate Hanukkah as they lamented about the horrible events that had happened in Israhell that led up to their false flag attack and ensuing genocide that they had to commit.

Oy vey, the Goyim know. Shut It Down! 

But what exactly does the Goiym know? 

Plandemics. Check 

False flags. Check 

Real genocide. Check

Ancient orders and forgotten empires. Check and check

It’s complicated. And, it’s all connected. And, in today’s video, I try to make a little sense of the origin and hierarchy of the Death Cult then and now. But I am still learning and trying to figure it all out, so this is a continuing exercise and I will share what I discover in future videos. 

We live in a strange time where large amounts of humanity have strange beliefs based on similar sketchy stories that they were told about the past while satanists are trying to kill everyone on Earth in the present while hardly anyone seems to notice.

I guess we’ll see what happens next, as the good guys delve deeper into the rabbit hole for the truth and the bad guys crank up Agenda Destroy and Control.

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Jeff Berwick

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