Conspiracy DEBUNKED: Elite Jewish Vacation Club For Pedo Politicians and Useful VIP Goys

Pedos and Aliens. What do you want to talk about first today? 

Let’s start with the 10-foot aliens spotted in a Miami mall, yet there’s no discernable phone camera footage floating around the internet. Either the Miami cops have a MIB memory-wiping clicker, or it’s part of the Project Blue Beam warm-up, or, and this is most likely, a little distraction from the Epstein list, along with the LGBTQSH1T+ school shootout in Iowa. 

That’s right. Nothing like a good SciFi or (mid)Western to shine the light away from the first release of the member names who signed up to join an elite Jewish island vacation club with great entertainment, free flights, and membership for life. 

Just ask Steven Hawking. Oh wait, you can’t. He’s dead, after somehow surviving 55 years of Lou Gerig’s disease, an illness with an average life expectancy after diagnosis of two to five years. Maybe the cure to living forever really lies in drinking rejuvenating virgin blood. Shaken, not stirred. 

Or, maybe the real SH is just a talking head in a lab jar. After all, his friend Jeffrey Epstein was a client of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, which will freeze a dead or dying person's head or body in liquid nitrogen for later revival or when a cure for what kills them is found.

Also part of the immortality pedo cult is Master Kill Gates whose latest excuse for turning a blind eye to Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes conviction was because he hoped Jeff’s shady connections would help him secure the Nobel Peace Prize, something Kill wants “more than anything else in the world”. 

Except world domination of course. 

Not that it matters, really. Pedophile hit lists and priming people for a hostile alien attack from which the elites will “save” us… It’s all just a distraction from food shortages, immigrant wars, and turbo deaths. 

Those are the keys to the World Enslavement Control Center, and I talk about that in today’s walk with Lucy who has a new friend joining us. As well as more of the Big Jewish Club and its useful VIP goys. If they stop being useful, feed’em to the pigs*. 

*No pedos were hurt or arrested during the making of this video.

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Jeff Berwick

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