World Economic ForThem: Cocaine, Hookers, War, Disease X and the Great Robbery Reset


A corrupt circle jerk of 3000 select human beings and top-class tyrants 

Sharing some ‘shrooms of doom and genocide euphoria

Dining on cocaine, caviar, and champagne, and

Enjoying $2,500 a night hookers and secret ‘bunga bunga’ parties 

Except… ah, sorry, the above info has been FACT CHECKED and it’s all a lie! Which is the EXACT challenge Ursula von der Leyen, former German defense minister is warring against in this year’s Davos headlines. In fact, according to this unelected president of the European Commission, (WTF is that, even?) overarching globalist control over the flow of all information in the digital age is more important than anything. 

Addressing “dear Klaus” and her “excellencies,” the WEF elites, she explained that getting rid of misinformation and disinformation which creates polarization within societies is the WEF’s top priority to make sure nothing stands in the way of the “agenda”.  

And that, friends, is exactly how you know who’s telling the truth. The ones trying to silence others are the liars. 

Other fake Davos agendas on the table included, as always, 

“Cyber attacks”, which according to Satan Klaus will make the “Covine19 look like a small disturbance in comparison”, plus some speculation on when we can expect cyber outages in large parts of the world in today’s video.

“Prepping for Disease X”, the upcoming new disease which will be 20x more deadly than Covaids, so they already have vaccine centers to produce vaccines for an unknown disease that hasn’t happened yet. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! 

“Climate change”, especially in my old hometown of Deadmonton, Alberta, where the global boiling is so bad that they hit minus 40 degrees this week, just to receive an ‘emergency alert’ to save electricity by switching off heaters. And, forget about charging your battery-operated car, because IT WON’T WORK! Today, I talk about this, as well as other things that don’t work in 40º weather. 

“Ecocide”, the mass murder and torture of eating animals and fish, committed by farmers or anyone profiting from what should legally be recognized as a serious crime. 

Also in today’s show, 

  • Javier Milei makes a great freedom speech at Davos. 
  • Sudden death is not baffling anymore, it’s COVAIDS SUICIDE.
  • And, the videos of bloody mattresses and baby seats being removed from the sewer-Jews were all in your imagination. It’s been FACT CHECKED and only dirt and tools were found in the New York tunnels.  

Lucy & Jeff, keeping fact-checkers in business since 2020. Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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Jeff Berwick

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