Max Igan on Facing Infinity Without Flinching, the Jews and the Nature of Reality

“The world we are allowing to be created for our children may well be a world not worth living in. The reality is that this world does not have to be this way at all. It does not have to be heading in the direction it is heading. People do not have to live in a never-ending sea of self-generating debt. Wars do not have to be fought, and children do not have to starve.”  – Max Igan

Lucy. Berwick. Igan. Together in Acapulco and chatting on camera for the first time since Max Igan arrived in Mexico from Ausjaiia in October 2021. (If you ignore our few walk & talk run-ins in the Secret Garden) 

First, without giving away too much of the interview, let me tell you why you simply have to watch this video, even if it’s the only one you watch this week. 

If you don’t know Max Igan from The Crowhouse, and for some reason haven’t seen his raw truth videos yet, you’re in for a treat! He isn’t afraid of rabbit holes, does a massive deal of research, and looks at things from a geopolitical, financial, and spiritual level.

He was banned from YouTube for exposing the Christchurch massacre. 

He has been censored, and vilified, and pursued… for speaking the truth. 

And, in 2021, he escaped Ausjailia’s draconian police state ONE DAY before they raided his house, but not only that… On a hunch, he canceled his plans to go to the US first and came directly to Mexico, only to learn that if he had arrived a week later he wouldn’t have been able to get a long-stay visa! 

And…! When the weather attack was launched at Acapulco in October 2023, he had just changed his plans to not come home sooner because he had a “feeling” something was wrong. Only to find later that the stormtroopers seemed to have aimed their wind canon directly at his house. 

So, who is this guy? And, why does everyone want to destroy his messages? 

In this interview we’re going to cover a variety of subjects he’s dived deep into including the falsification of history and our timelines, his take on the Palestine genocide and the collapsing Matrix, why he became exiled from his home in Australia (and how he’s coped), what he sees is the greatest hope for humanity now in these times he predicted accurately would come, and why he thinks losing everything can be the greatest gift.


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Jeff Berwick

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