Setting Up The Next PLANdemic: Poison from the Skies, Eclipse Disease, War, Rumors of War and Famine

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you there will be no more walk-and-talk videos with Jeff & Lucy as my dear little friend is now running circles and giving kishus in a much better place. 

For today’s vlog, which covers what really happened on April 8th (and why) as well as the hokey pokey war that’s blowing up in Europe and the Middle East, I’d like to start with an obituary for someone incredibly special to me and to many of you.  Lucy.

She fell very ill on March 25th and while she fought and rebounded quite a bit she woke up on Sunday and didn’t eat anything and was very weak.  We were at the ranch and I was carrying Lucy downstairs as I’ve been doing for three weeks to see if she wanted to pee.  The whole family was outside and I put her on the grass in the sun and walked over to play with my baby boy.  I walked back three minutes later and she wasn’t breathing.  She was still barely alive though and I called the whole family over and we all watched and prayed as she passed.

For more than 12 years we’ve spent almost every minute together.  We’ve gone on hundreds of walk n’ talks and got into crazy situations all over the world, always ending with tacos and kisses.

The vet said we should put her to sleep three weeks ago but she asked us not to.  She wanted to spend her final weeks with me and she did.  While she was never very well she was quite alert and we spent every moment, day and night, together.  I feel grateful to have had these last few weeks with her but also quite happy for her that her struggle has ended and she has gone to the great taco stand and endless green fields in the sky.

She handled it all the way she always does… with grace and beauty.  Never a whimper, never a cry.  She just dealt with the situation as she needed.

Lucy has been with me since nearly the very beginning of TDV in 2010 and attended all 10 Anarchapulcos and brightened the lives of thousands.

There aren’t many chihuahuas whose death is felt by thousands worldwide but Lucy, of course, is one of them.

I dedicate this vlog to the loving memory of my sweet Lucy.

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Jeff Berwick

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