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A Beautiful Message of Liberty – Spoiler Alert: Get out of the US

[Editor's Note: The following post is by TDV Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

The TDV team have taken a semi-respite.  In free-market terms, that means that we have taken a day or two off (and for TDV subscribers, we are going to take one of our two weeks per year off from our subscription letter).  

In real terms, though, it means we won't stop pushing good ideas forward every day publicly… we can't help ourselves.

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The Weekend Vigilante July 27, 2013 – Galt’s Gulch, Gold and the Kanadian Mafia

Hello from Vancouver, Kanada,

I spent some time at the Agora Financial Symposium this week.  On one of the panels was Doug Casey, Doug French and Jeffrey Tucker, amongst others and the final question asked of each was, "what is your #1 investment pick for the coming years?"

Jeffrey Tucker answered, "Galt's Gulch Chile"!  (photo of Mr. Tucker and myself last week at Freedomfest)

Jeffrey Tucker and Myself at FreedomFest Last Week

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The Weekend Vigilante July 20, 2013 – Life, Love and Waking Up

Hello from beautiful Acapulco Bay,

What is life?  I don't know.  But, I've been on a long, spontaneous and organic journey and am slowly grasping the truth about life.

I've come, at this point, to believe that there is definitely much more to life than most people seem to know.  On the more traditional collective religions, I don't believe Jesus was "god".  My research seems to indicate that he was an anarchist who fought against governmental control in Rome, for which I do hold him in high regard.  I'm still blurry on the Koran but it appears that Mohammed said many things that don't seem possible to know when he said them… which is interesting.

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The Weekend Vigilante July 13, 2013 – Going Galt in Las Vegas

Hello from Freedomfest in Las Vegas,

For a guy like me, if I am forced to spend time in the USSA, there are worse places than Las Vegas.  I'm a 24 hour kind of person, don't like early bar closing times, like drinking while I walk down the street, like smoking indoors (especially when it is 109F outside), playing poker and always having the option to do something.

In those terms, Vegas is like an oasis in the oppressive US.  It's like they just allow one place where US tax slaves can go for a weekend and have just a little bit of freedom.  Even at the strip clubs, the girls actually take their clothes off!

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