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Violence In Venezuela: Urgent Warning To America [VIDEO]

My thoughts are with the people of Venezuela. Before its citizens were forced to dodge tanks and eat stray dogs and cats for survival, the South American country was a jewel in its own right. Their political system, dominated by the United Socialist Party, has led to Venezuela being ranked one of the most corrupt…

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How To Profit While The Economy Crashes [VIDEO]

Most people worry about money, but they never create a plan to become wealthy. Lior Gantz is not like most people. He’s a thrill-seeking entrepreneur with immense passion and full-force devotion. Actively investing since the age of 16, Gantz built and runs numerous successful businesses, and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past…

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No Limit: Federal Debt Goes All The Way Up [VIDEO]

The debt ceiling should be called the “debt target” since the US government hits a bullseye every time. The most recent so-called debt limit expired on March 1, 2019, despite the Celebrity-in-Chief’s vows to pay it down—an impossible task at $22 trillion. So, the Treasury Department just issued a warning that their big gang will…

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VIDEO: Gamer Deletes Government, Accidentally Wins City Simulation

Markets are increasingly state-regulated, distorted and restricted, yet we’re warned against “unbridled capitalism.” Well, sometimes truth reveals itself in the most unlikely places. “Today, I want to make a place where there is no laws” — these words sounded innocent enough coming from a gamer by the name of Gray Still Plays. “Everyone just does whatever…

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