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Can You Guess What Threatens The Existence of Burning Man?

[The following post is by TDV Research Analyst, Justin O’Connell] Burning Man, in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, attracts more than 60,000 so-called “burners” annually. The event, which revolves around community and art, has 10 main principles, such as “radical inclusion”, “radical self-expression”, “radical self-reliance”, gifting and decommodification. In recent years, Burning Man has comeĀ under pressure…

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TDV Week In Review, June 7, 2015

In the TDV Newsletter, actionable advice helps readers create game plans to survive The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI). This week, TDV looks into BitGold and its prospects for growth and success. Jeff Berwick looks into coming false flags and terrorists attacks, while Ed Bugos looks at recent TDV gold…

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Pangea: A Time Before Borders Revisited

270 million years ago, the supercontinent Pangea formed. 70 million years later, it began to break up. The above photo has been circulating around the internet. It's Pangea with the world's artificially constructed borders upon it. Of course, when Pangea existed there were no people, and so there were no borders. If you wanted to drive from, say, DC to Tehran, it might take a few weeks or so.  

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Baltimore: The Mainstream Media Control System Is Collapsing

[The following post is by TDV Editor In Chief, Jeff Berwick]

Baltimore is burning in the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral who died after sustaining a spinal injury while, if you want to believe a certain mainstream media narrative, banging himself against the paddy wagon walls. If you find it totally believable that someone can break their own spinal chord on purpose, you’re probably white. 

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