MF’ing Justice

[Editors Note: The following post is by Jim Karger, TDV Legal Correspondent] 

"I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date. I do not know which accounts are unreconciled or whether the unreconciled accounts were or were not subject to the segregation rules."  John Corzine

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TDV Week in Review August 19, 2012

Another week has come and gone, and what a week! Knife wielders, prohibition, Julian Assange, new website, trips to Paraguay, fascism, communism, the Olympics, and so much more.

New this week, TDV Editor Gary Gibson begins a Sunday tradition of adding some thoughts to end your weekend, called Notes from the New Underground RailroadA great way to finish up your Sunday. And during the week don’t forget to check out the Parting Shot by TDV Editor Gary Gibson following TDV posts. The newest member of the TDV family adds his unique and informed voice to our dynamic and diverse writings.

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The Weekend Vigilante August 18th, 2012

Hello again from Acapulco,

It's been busy around here.  We are set to launch our new, improved website on Tuesday which will have many more ways for TDV subscribers and readers to interact which we're all very excited about.  Plus, Ken Johnson, Gary Gibson and I are preparing to leave for Paraguay tomorrow to oversee the citizenship processes of a number of our clients and to meet with our agents on the ground to make sure everything is running smoothly for our Paraguay segment of TDV Passports.  So, we'll be speaking to you from there for the next week.


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Feedback Friday – August 17th, 2012

With Gary Gibson now on board fulltime as Editor, it has been an exciting time here at TDV. A few great questions this week from you, our dear and loyal readers, about Darrius Kennedy, prohibition, and what to do with money and where to move it.

Let’s see how you’ve reacted to our ever-growing TDV family and the week that was in the neverending quest for freedom and liberty.

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Why Do Fascists Fight Communists? They

A friend pointed me to the documentary Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler from National Geographic the other day. Being somewhat slow I sat dazed as I watched it!  These images were enthralling… glorious!  I’d never seen anything like them before… how was that possible?  I quickly posted my question on Facebook and numerous of my much more intelligent friends noted that color film really didn’t exist at the time of most of the footage so it must have been colorized.  I sat feeling stupid for a few moments and then returned to the documentary.  It really is incredibly well done.

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