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This New Rap Will Be Stuck In Your Head [VIDEO]

Here’s my advice:     “Get some crypto, grow food and relax. Don’t stand for their anthems, stop paying their tax.”     I’m admittedly no 2Pac or Eminem, but ever since “Bitcoin All The Way Up” (my crypto rap featuring Freenauts) went viral and became a big hit, people have been asking me to make more…

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Don’t Make The Same Mistakes Peter Made [VIDEO]

This week in embarrassing boomer tweets, Peter Schill can’t remember his Bitcoin password, loses all his Bitcoin, blames Bitcoin!     It gets even worse.  Pro tip: Don’t use 1234567 as your password for anything.    In my latest walk and talk vlog from Mexico City, I covered the best responses to Peter’s latest blunder, plus…

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Crypto Tools You Should Know About [VIDEO]

The 2008 financial crisis was nothing compared to the next big economic crash, but having a creative investment strategy can be the difference between surviving and thriving when it all goes down.    Edmond Bugos, TDV senior analyst and co-founder of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter, specializes in designing investment strategies and stock portfolios for maximum…

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