To The Moon: Is Bitcoin Going All The Way Up? [VIDEO]

Can you imagine a future without the internet? I can’t. It’s a bit like trying to imagine a future without cars—they were a revolutionary invention that put the horse and carriage industry (almost) out of the business. Now, sure, at some point cars will become flying vehicles, and who knows, perhaps someday teleportation might even…

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When The Currency Crisis Hits Home [VIDEO]

Kerry Lutz has been a student of Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending university, he stumbled upon an extensive cache of Austrian School literature in a dark, musty, abandoned section of the library. Since then, Kerry has interviewed hundreds of financial luminaries. Suffice it to say he has a decent grasp of monetary theory, business…

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Blockchain Tech Is Killing Central Banking [VIDEO]

The evolution of Bitcoin is unlike anything we’ve seen in human history. The emergent technology-turned-currency has reshaped everything we know about how people exchange value, all while single-handedly doing more damage to the fiat banksters than anything else. With this lightning-fast progression has come increasing complexity in how the cryptocurrency is sustained and used. To…

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Cryptocurrency Will End The Fed, Free The World [VIDEO]

I recently sat down with World Alternative Media during Anarchapulco to discuss a wide variety of topics, from organizational skills for anarchists, and the convenience of free markets vs monopolies, to cryptocurrency and the benefits of blockchain—particularly how it can end monstrous government entities like the Federal Reserve. Overall, I wouldn’t feel as optimistic about…

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