Killing and Starving People is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise.

By me | July 24, 2010

In what had to be the most grotesque piece of sociopathic blather dispensed in recent memory, Kartik Athreya, a cog in the criminal Federal Reserve machine issued an essay recently entitled, “Economics is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise.” (see here:

According to Athreya, economics is just too difficult for anyone who has not taken “a year of PhD coursework in a decent economics department.”

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What Happens When Boomerang Kids Meet The Homeless Baby Boomers?

By me | July 15, 2010

Much has been written over the last decade or two about “Boomerang Kids”.  The term, generally, means an adult in their 20s, 30s and sometimes 40s who returns home to live with their parents after an unsuccessful foray in the real world.

Often this condition is caused by the inflationary world we have been living in for the last few decades.  Stealth inflation has slowly stolen from everyone leaving many younger people without the ability to afford even basic living expenses much less a home for themselves.  Not to mention sometimes 6 figure student loans they’ll be paying off for much of their adult life.

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Is This What Government is for?

By me | July 12, 2010

It is our intention to put insights and analysis on daily news events and other areas of interest in our Blog which did not meet the criteria for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.  That is a long winded way of saying that we are going to use this space to just casually post items of interest that passed our desk during the day.

And so, with that, let’s begin!

I was speaking to an old friend today.  We lost contact for years but Facebook reunited us.  For those who don’t use Facebook I really recommend it.  It has become invaluable to me to keep contact with old friends and colleagues and family.  Everyone is on it.  I realized that when my grandfather called me two years ago to ask me what my Facebook account was!

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Welcome to The Dollar Vigilante Blog

By me | July 1, 2010

Hello to all!

We have launched our first newsletter on July 1, 2010!  The first issue is available completely for free.  You can see it here: .

Please check back regularly or add this blog to your RSS feed to receive blog updates.


Jeff Berwick
Chief Editor

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