Gold Reaches Another All-Time High As US Dollar Collapses

By me | September 25, 2010

What a week it was for gold.  The price of the precious metal reached $1,300.07 during trading at the London bullion market, before dipping back.?  It has been on a tear, reaching new highs every day this week.  It is up $57 (4.6%) this month and $303.30 (30.52%) in the last year in US dollar terms.

This rise might seem like it’s reaching enormous heights.  But it’s got nothing on this guy, whose job is to free climb up a 1,768 foot gilded tower!

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Even Ahmadinejad Makes More Sense Than Obama

By me | September 24, 2010

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a speech at the United Nations today wherein the great majority of things he stated are correct and, to many, common knowledge.

Yet delegates from the United States, Britain, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Uruguay and Spain walked out on the speech.

You can see the speech and read the full transcript of the speech here: .

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BlockBuster & The Land of Opportunity

By me | September 23, 2010

Hello All,

Today started out with a report from Bloomberg of an impending Blockbuster bankruptcy. The bankruptcy came as no big surprise.  I am trying to pinpoint the last time I rented a video from a store.  I believe it was in 2005 in Bangkok.  And it wasn’t so much a “store” it was more of a street cart that had hollywood knockoffs, some even before they were released.

Prior to that I had rented some videos in 2003 in Santa Monica, California.  But soon after that I found ways to download the movies for free, and very quickly off the internet and just decided it was silly to drive down to the video store in my car and pick up a hardware media device with digital data encoded on it and return to my house to watch.

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The UK is Using Orwell’s 1984 as an Instruction Manual

By me | September 22, 2010

Hello TDV Readers,

I have often stated to friends over the last year or two that The Onion, the comedic news satire website should, by all rights, be out of business.

Why?  Not because it isn’t funny.  It is.  But because in the last few years the strangest and most unbelievable headlines are actually real!  The Onion can’t compete with a western world that is following the concepts of Orwell’s 1984 with stunning accuracy.

In fact, because of this bizarre world we now live in, writing the TDV Blog every day is almost too easy.  We barely even have to do more than just look at the top few headlines of the day and we have enough material to cover for a month.

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USSR or USSA? Who’s Communist Now?

By me | September 21, 2010

Happy Monday,

In our September 1st issue of TDV we postulated that “it’s like the entire world flip-flopped 20 years ago”.  Twenty to thirty years ago the USSR and China were still communist and the USA still looked like it was somewhat a bastion of free markets, despite having some of the 10 key tenets of communism already firmly installed, including government operated public education, a high income tax and a central bank fixing the price of money (interest rates).

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Obama’s Stash & Another IPOD Winner

By me | September 19, 2010

Hello Again TDV’ers,

It’s the weekend and I wasn’t going to post anything to our blog today.  But then I stumbled upon 3 YouTube videos that were too hard to resist passing along to you.

The first is a television advertisement approved and paid for by Hillary Clinton, today’s Idiot Politician of the Day (IPOD) winner, when she was running for President.  The audacity of this commercial is unbelievable.  The video, below, is of Hillary Clinton wrapping her Christmas presents to give out to all the good little American boys and girls who vote for her.

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Get Your Gold Out of the US

By me | September 17, 2010

It is really an amazing time in history to be alive.  I remember when I was younger I always wondered what it would have been like to be alive during the Weimar (Germany) Republic’s hyperinflation or during the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.  I was so curious to understand how so many Germans could have allowed such an ideology to become so rooted in such a developed, modern culture.

Well, I am getting my wish, so to speak, in that everything the collapsing US government is doing nowadays is just as amazing in terms of the bizarre things that people in the US just accept as being normal.

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TDV Idiot Politician of the Day (IPOD)

By me | September 17, 2010

Politics attracts the most interesting sociopaths.  Take, for example, this guy!:

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Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

By me | September 16, 2010

Happy BiCentenario TDV’ers,

I am sitting on my balcony in Acapulco, Mexico as I write to you.  I’ve been watching the fireworks and festivities as Mexico celebrates it’s 200th anniversary of its Independence Day.  Or, as most people here call it, la Revolucion!

In other news in Mexico, it has been an eventful week in the disastrous US-led “war on drugs”.  First, a few days ago the Mexican government announced they had apprehended Edgar Valdez “The Barbie” Villareal, a very successful narcotics entrepreneur  who based some of his operations out of Acapulco.

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Gold Hits Record High

By me | September 15, 2010

Happy Tuesday Everybody,

Today was a little more happy than normal around The Dollar Vigilante as gold hit an all-time record high today, peaking at $1,267.20 USD.

Our stocks, which mainly consist of gold & silver major and mining juniors as well as gold & silver bullion itself have performed exceptionally.  Our last junior recommendation, issued August 15th to Full Subscribers is up over 20% in less than a month.  Considering what the annualized return extrapolates to that is a very, very nice gain for a few weeks!

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An Inside Look at the Mexican Medical System

By me | September 14, 2010

Hello fellow Dollar Vigilantes,

I hope you are all doing well today.  I just personally recovered from a stomach bug that had been ailing me for the last two weeks.  It got so bad that I finally gave in to going to the hospital for two nights to get hooked up to an IV as I was becoming very dehydrated and needed to replenish my electrolytes.

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Burning of John Maynard Keynes Book Causes Uproar

By me | September 9, 2010

The central banking and political world are up in arms about a planned John Maynard Keynes book burning.

The burning was announced by Jeff Berwick, Chief Editor of The Dollar Vigilante, to take place on December 23, the anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Top central bankers in the United States warned that flimsy economic theories would be in danger if the burning of a copy of John Maynard Keynes, The General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money went ahead.

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Indonesians Get It

By me | August 26, 2010

Dear fellow Dollar Vigilante,

We apologize for our distinct lack of postings to our blog this month.  We were enveloped in a complete redesign and transfer of our website over to a new hosting provider due to the overwhelming response The Dollar Vigilante has received to date!  As you may have noticed our new website is nicer and has much more functionality than the prior website.

As well, we are now hard at work preparing the September 1st issue of TDV.

But, in the meantime, I wanted to post this video.  It’s a news story from Indonesian television talking about how many people are converting away from the Indonesian Rupiah to using gold & silver, in what they call Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams.

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Ed Bugos’ Market Thoughts – Junior Miners & Emerging Markets Diverging from US Senior Markets

By Ed Bugos | August 21, 2010

The major market averages have been losing momentum and rolling over on short-term trends.  Toppish patterns in the intermediate charts and a bearish head and shoulders top (Nov-Aug) in the DJIA, NASDAQ, FTSE, Wilshire 5000 and the TSX is coming into view, for instance, with the current downturn potentially completing the respective right shoulders (see Dow chart below).


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Ed Bugos’ Market Thoughts – FOMC Pumps Smoke to Reassure Bond Bulls

By me | August 12, 2010

But there was no change in policy.

The Fed put out a balanced view… essentially that there is growth but that the pace of recovery “has slowed in recent months,” citing high unemployment, sluggish home values and investment in “nonresidential structures”.  It even pulled out the deflation bogeyman by complaining that bank lending continues to contract.  Despite all this, however, it still anticipates the economy to recover –at a more modest clip than formerly expected.  And of course, there is no threat from inflation.

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Wake Jefferson Back Up + another iPod track

By me | August 6, 2010

Yesterday we resurrected Thomas Jefferson to give him a glimpse of what has transpired in the USA in the last 300 odd years since he wrote the Declaration of Independence.  After seeing just a few items he had a heart attack and died again.

Well, let’s wake him up, just one more time!  I gotta see his expression when he sees today’s headlines!!

Portland Lemonade Stand (Run by 7 year old) Runs Into Health Inspectors, Needs $120 License to Operate

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Resurrection + another track for your iPod

By me | August 5, 2010

Oh how I wish I could resurrect people.  The hypothetical question is often asked, “If you could bring one person in history back from the dead and have a conversation, who would you choose?”

I know who I’d pick!  Right now!  Bring back Thomas Jefferson, my favorite of the “founding fathers” of the US and the principal author of The Declaration of Independence.

Why?  I just think seeing the look on his face after he took a quick survey of his United States of America would be priceless!

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August Issue + iPod Playlist

By me | August 2, 2010
We published our August issue on August 1st.  You can read the free issue here: .

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Killing and Starving People is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise.

By me | July 24, 2010

In what had to be the most grotesque piece of sociopathic blather dispensed in recent memory, Kartik Athreya, a cog in the criminal Federal Reserve machine issued an essay recently entitled, “Economics is Hard. Don’t Let Bloggers Tell You Otherwise.” (see here:

According to Athreya, economics is just too difficult for anyone who has not taken “a year of PhD coursework in a decent economics department.”

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What Happens When Boomerang Kids Meet The Homeless Baby Boomers?

By me | July 15, 2010

Much has been written over the last decade or two about “Boomerang Kids”.  The term, generally, means an adult in their 20s, 30s and sometimes 40s who returns home to live with their parents after an unsuccessful foray in the real world.

Often this condition is caused by the inflationary world we have been living in for the last few decades.  Stealth inflation has slowly stolen from everyone leaving many younger people without the ability to afford even basic living expenses much less a home for themselves.  Not to mention sometimes 6 figure student loans they’ll be paying off for much of their adult life.

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Is This What Government is for?

By me | July 12, 2010

It is our intention to put insights and analysis on daily news events and other areas of interest in our Blog which did not meet the criteria for inclusion in our monthly newsletter.  That is a long winded way of saying that we are going to use this space to just casually post items of interest that passed our desk during the day.

And so, with that, let’s begin!

I was speaking to an old friend today.  We lost contact for years but Facebook reunited us.  For those who don’t use Facebook I really recommend it.  It has become invaluable to me to keep contact with old friends and colleagues and family.  Everyone is on it.  I realized that when my grandfather called me two years ago to ask me what my Facebook account was!

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