Bureaucracy Is Destroying America: Proof in 2 Pictures or Less

By me | November 9, 2010

Are you confused as to why once-free America seems to be imploding more by the day?  A picture truly is worth a thousand words. The following chart is actually supplied by a Joint Economic Congressional Committee of the US government explaining how the new Obamacare Health Care system will be structured (click here to see a zoomable version):

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Market Update and Special Report: How To Own Gold

By me | November 9, 2010

Another day, another all-time high for gold.  It seems like this has been going on for months now – and in fact it has.  Just check out the beautiful chart below:

We rarely take much opportunity to pat ourselves on the back here at TDV but I think some patting is in order!  For one, congratulations to our Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, on gold surpassing his 2010 target price, two months early in fact.

And, for our subscribers, just look at the great gains in our portfolio (stock names removed):

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Inflation

By me | November 6, 2010

Ben Bernanke set off a firestorm this week when he announced he was going to start devaluing the US dollar even more aggressively than normal.  Gold rose from $1,355 at the start of the week to close at $1,393.50 after hitting an intraday high on Friday of $1,398 (at which point we officially say “close enough” and congratulations to our Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, who predicted gold would hit $1,400 in 2010 a year ago when it was at $1,100).

Central bankers and government officials around the world signalled their great displeasure at this radical action by the Fed and Ben Bernanke wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday to explain his “reasoning” behind entering the dollar into hyperinflation.

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Helicopter Ben Officially Begins Cluster-Bombing World with Dollars

By me | November 4, 2010

Remember WKRP in Cincinnati?  One of the funniest sitcom episodes in the history of television is the episode of WKRP in Cincinatti where Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson and Les Nesman have a thanksgiving day promotion and decide to “let loose” turkeys out of a helicopter above a supermarket parking lot.  As anyone who has seen the episode can attest, chaos ensues!


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Political POTpourri, Bennie and the Feds & the Last Free Place on Earth

By me | November 3, 2010


Coming off of the American elections yesterday there were a number of results worth some comment.  Let’s proceed:

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Democracy is Dangerous… and Stupid

By me | November 3, 2010

As Americans go to the polls today we only have a passing interest.  Both of the US political parties stand for big government and, as Barack Obama showed, it matters not what color tie they wear or whether their teams mascot is a donkey or an elephant.  Once elected they will continue to work towards more government and work for their owners, the big banks and corporations.  Not that it will matter much longer anyway, since the US government is now beyond bankrupt and have taken many Americans with them.

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Halloween Prepares American Children for a Life of Extortion

By me | November 1, 2010

Today is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico, a long standing tradition.  Scholars trace the origins of the modern holiday to indigenous observances dating back thousands of years and to an Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess called Mictecacihuatl.

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Why is the Public Still Blind to Gold?

By me | October 29, 2010

Given the fact that nearly every major government and central bank in the world has come right out and said that their #1 priority is to reduce the value of their currency, you would think that the “general public” may move some of their assets away from fiat currencies and government debt denominated in those currencies.

Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong!

The most dangerous man in the world, Ben Bernanke, has come right out and said that creating inflation is his biggest priority at the moment.  The textbook definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply.  And an increase in the money supply, by definition, means the value of the money goes down as the amount of it in circulation goes up.

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Marijuana More Popular Than Obama

By me | October 29, 2010

With the upcoming US congressional elections right around the corner we find ourselves actually interested in a particular vote.

Democracy is a failed, horrible criminal act and we pay it no respect by ever voting, especially in the US where the two-party system has long been a game of one puppeteer (the ruling financial elite) holding up two puppets for the American people to “choose” from – either of which will continue on doing exactly as the financial elite wish and only the style or rhetoric will change depending on which candidate gets elected.

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99’ers Need a Revolution to Avoid Becoming 499’ers

By me | October 28, 2010

60 Minutes did an excellent piece on the plight of many “99ers” – people in the United States who have been unemployed for 99 weeks or more.  You can view it below:


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Save the Children… and the Prostitutes!

By me | October 27, 2010

We live in a time of big government.  There aren’t many countries left where government doesn’t play a huge role in people’s lives.  How and why this has come to pass is a topic far too great for this space but this growth of government and all the “institutions” that come with it such as central banking are the cause of most of our problems today.

The reason is quite simple: government creates nothing and can only destroy wealth.  Furthermore, almost every action taken by a coercive government, and all governments are coercive by definition, almost always ends up either having a) unexpected consequences (to the government, at least) or, more often, b) effecting the exact opposite result of that which they wish to achieve.

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Gotta Support the Troops?

By me | October 26, 2010

What in the world is the US government doing?  Seriously.

China’s government is literally doing business deals every day, purchasing assets and buying up stakes in Canadian oil sands, a Guinean iron ore mine, oil fields in Angola and Uganda, an Argentinian oil company, and a major Australian coal-bed methane gas company just to name a few.

Meanwhile, the US government announced a major international investment this week.  What was it?  The US announced it is going to build an $12 billion “super base” on the island of Guam.

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Biden Doesn’t Know What a Billion Dollars Is… and TSA Theater

By me | October 23, 2010

Happy Friday everyone,

In wrapping up this week I have two interesting commentaries.

Joe Biden Doesn’t Know What a Billion Dollars Is

In a video interview with Bloomberg that can be seen here,, US Vice President Smilin’ Joe Biden states the following, “I was amazed at the amount of money, this $200 billion of money that is, where there is no accountability… and so, the only caveat I want to make is how much impact this $200 billion dollars are gonna make.”

It’s sort-of hard to understand his rambles.  But he apparently was trying to state that the Republicans might win the House in November because they have $200 billion.

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Geithner Vows US Will Not Devalue Dollar and then Devalues Dollar

By me | October 21, 2010

Good Day,

We start out today’s dispatch with a completely ludicrous headline, “Geithner Vows US Will Not Devalue Dollar“.

Now, unless US Treasury Secretary Geithner is referring to some other dollar other than the Federal Reserve Notes that today pass for currency in the USA, then this statement ranges somewhere between extreme stupidity and all-out-lie.

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England: Making 1984 a Reality

By me | October 21, 2010

Hello TDV’ers,

Nary a day goes by when something coming out of England doesn’t shock or scare me.  And today was no different.

To preface, this is one of my favorite quotes:

Liberals want the government to be your Mommy. Conservatives want government to be your Daddy. Libertarians want it to treat you like an adult. – Andre Marrou

England somehow is getting the worst of both worlds.  The UK government is trying to be mommy and daddy – and not a nice daddy either – more the kind who records everything you say and do.

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Sacre Bleu, France & The Dollar Pops, Gold Drops

By me | October 20, 2010

Bonjour Mon Amis,

The crisis in Europe is far from over and it is getting worse as France has joined Greece and Italy as a place of near daily dissent.  3.5 million people joined marches around France today to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.Greek Protest – Click to Enlarge

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Canadian Government Latest to Use Stolen Info

By me | October 19, 2010

Hello all,

We’ve written a lot lately about what a disaster the United Kingdom is turning into… and we write regularly about the risks of being a US citizen and living in the US.  Well if you call snowy and cold Canada home you shouldn’t be sitting there looking too smug, eh.

Offshore Bank Account Probe Nets Canadians – CBC

There are so many things wrong with this article it’s hard to know where to begin.

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Laying Off Every Fed Worker Wouldn’t Make A Dent in the Deficit

By me | October 15, 2010

Hello fellow Vigilantes,

I am feeling chipper today.  I can’t say exactly why or how but thoughts are flowing with ease and I feel great.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today or yesterday and this is the first time in weeks our stock portfolio has ticked down so I can’t find any reason for my zeal – not one that is obvious to me anyway.  I’ll just take it as being part of the energy and cycles of life – I was out and about today and everyone was smiling and happy.

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Global Cooling & Red Hot Gold

By me | October 15, 2010

Welcome Again,

Another day, another alltime nominal high in gold in US dollar terms.

Gold touched a record high of $1,387.10 in European trading while silver rallied to a fresh 30-year high of $24.65 on Thursday as a tumbling dollar gave a boost to precious metals and commodity prices across the board.

And that is what was and continues to be the story: the rapid decline of the US dollar.  Just look at this chart of the US dollar index:

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The Decline of American Democracy

By me | October 13, 2010

We wrote in the October issue of TDV about how democracy is destroying the USA and we recently submitted some snippets of that essay to, which you can see here.

The basis of the editorial was a statement on how democracy has been the key driver behind the ongoing decline of the USA.  But we really should have saved ourselves the effort and just submitted the following video as Exhibit A and ultimate proof that democracy in the United States has reached its ultimate and inevitable conclusion as the absolute lowest common denominator of politicians are now prodding forth, glassy-eyed and stammering to take their rightful seats in the halls of Congress.

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Ben Bernanke Talks Himself Into A Corner

By me | October 13, 2010

Good Day,

The phrase, “another day, another dollar” is traced back to the late 1800s where it was a saying adopted by sailors paid by the day.  But that was prior to the rise of the Federal Reserve and their ongoing destruction of the US dollar.  Now the saying would be better as, “Another day, another down day for the dollar”.

As I write gold just hit another all-time as the spot price in Hong Kong hit $1,360.00 as the US dollar continues to look like a swimmer with a rock tied to his legs.

Amazingly and bizarrely enough, this collapse in the dollar has mainly occured not from any action taken by the Federal Reserve but based solely on the words of Ben Bernanke.

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