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Shape Up: If You’re Smart, Get Healthy [VIDEO]

It’s no wonder they’re removing recess and gym class from government schools. A happy, healthy, prosperous society requires happy, healthy, prosperous individuals—and those gains begin closest to home, within our own bodies. As if sitting still for 6-8 hours each day regurgitating statist propaganda wasn’t crippling enough, eliminating free play and PE only serves to…

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Fork Wars: How The Future Of Money Is Decentralized [VIDEO]

Roger Ver began his cryptocurrency journey in early 2011. He was the first person to start actively investing in Bitcoin startups. Fast forward almost a decade, now Ver is the CEO of Bitcoin.com, and the world of crypto is moving fast. It’s not simply a testament to its “volatility”—as the fake news pundits will have…

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The Great Debate Over How To Rescue The World [VIDEO]

How does 1984’s Ministry of Truth compare to the real suppression taking place in 2019? In light of Facebook’s banning today of Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and others labeled DANGEROUS, some may say Orwell fell short in predicting just how dystopian society could get. Before the Christchurch victims’ bodies were even cold, the…

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