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Violence In Venezuela: Urgent Warning To America [VIDEO]

My thoughts are with the people of Venezuela. Before its citizens were forced to dodge tanks and eat stray dogs and cats for survival, the South American country was a jewel in its own right. Their political system, dominated by the United Socialist Party, has led to Venezuela being ranked one of the most corrupt…

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VIDEO: Gamer Deletes Government, Accidentally Wins City Simulation

Markets are increasingly state-regulated, distorted and restricted, yet we’re warned against “unbridled capitalism.” Well, sometimes truth reveals itself in the most unlikely places. “Today, I want to make a place where there is no laws” — these words sounded innocent enough coming from a gamer by the name of Gray Still Plays. “Everyone just does whatever…

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You Mad? How To Use Anger For Good [VIDEO]

Can anger change the world? Well, yes, that shouldn’t be a surprise. The more interesting question is: can anger change the world… for the better? When we first launched Anarchapulco, five years ago the energy was admittedly, a bit… dark. Understandably, many of us were outraged, and in some ways still are, about the state…

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The World’s Premier Liberty Event Is Changing The World [VIDEO]

About a week before Anarchapulco 2019 officially kicked off, tragedy occurred. A young man who was loved by many in the anarchist community here in Acapulco was killed. Stories quickly began to circulate in the “mainstream media” about the murder of John Galton. But what should have been a time for mourning and respect was…

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