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What is the most promising tech investment? [VIDEO]

More than ever before, people are wondering, what follows the crash of the dollar? As scalability of Bitcoin once again becomes a major issue of concern, I recently met with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media in Las Vegas to discuss the return of bullishness in the cryptocurrency market and which assets to keep an…

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How To Be A Man In A World Full of Soy Boys [VIDEO]

Happy Father’s Day to all the anarchist and libertarian dads. It’s nice to not be hated by our own children, unlike authoritarian parents. Kids need to know that they own themselves, to learn to be responsible, and to be themselves… but a generation of feminized softboys, raised by single moms, has completely flushed manhood down…

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Warning: How To Be Rich, Poor At The Same Time [VIDEO]

Sewage is flowing in the streets outside of Google’s headquarters… Seriously, since “the rent is too damn high,” an unsightly camp of mobile homes has sprung up in the expensive Silicon Valley neighborhood, home to the world’s largest tech giants. After complaints of sewage being spilled from trailers and into the roads around the Googleplex…

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The Truth About Consumerism And The Season Of Giving

Much can be said about the holidays, both positive and negative, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is witnessing the ubiquitous beauty of capitalism creating small moments of joy in people’s lives. There’s a lot of pessimism about consumerism, but the exchanging of gifts strengthens bonds between family and friends…

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