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Fork Wars: How The Future Of Money Is Decentralized [VIDEO]

Roger Ver began his cryptocurrency journey in early 2011. He was the first person to start actively investing in Bitcoin startups. Fast forward almost a decade, now Ver is the CEO of Bitcoin.com, and the world of crypto is moving fast. It’s not simply a testament to its “volatility”—as the fake news pundits will have…

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Jeff Berwick And Luke Rudkowski On Bitcoin’s Current Surge [VIDEO]

Now’s a great time to start getting into cryptocurrency. Yesterday’s Bitcoin price surge—up by about $1,000—has got the bandwagoners jumping on board again, and the mainstream media is running damage control. Take for example CNBC, which posted an article titled “Why Bitcoin Won’t Bounce Back, according to 5 experts,” and then changed the title 1…

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What Happens To Cryptocurrency When The Old Money Dies? [VIDEO]

The Fed-fueled economic boom is coming to an end, maybe sooner than you think. There’s something about fall 2018… it’s a gut feeling we at TDV have—the same type that’s helped us navigate countless monetary cycles over the years. If you’ve followed our work, you may know I predicted nearly a decade ago that the…

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