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Jim Carrey Is A Capitalist Pretending To Be A Socialist [VIDEO]

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Celebrities for socialism… it’s plausible deniability for the filthy rich. Sure, Jim Carrey earned his fortune by entertaining hundreds of millions of people for decades. But when you live in a mansion like this… … and you have a net worth like this… … it can…

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How To Ignore Advice And Live Your Best Life [VIDEO]

Just. Follow. Your. Passion. At this point, self-help has almost become a cliche of itself, and sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice. Or how about NO ADVICE? Usually, action trumps theory, right? Yet, action is the most challenging part of all. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to get lost in an endless…

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Burning Man And 3 More Examples of Anarchy Working In Real Life [VIDEO]

There are now many examples of anarchy working in real life. For example, I happen to be a diplomat and one of many “founding fathers” of the anarcho-capitalist country, Liberland, which continues to expand its operations and become more recognized in Europe. I just returned from Cheran, Michoacan, which has been government-free for the last…

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How 5 Modern-Day Anarchists Are Improving The World

Many in the finance world love to naysay Bitcoin’s potential, citing the admittedly volatile pullback from its peak last December. And yet, everyone on Wall Street still wants in on the bandwagon. It’s so obvious why: The long-term trend for cryptocurrencies is meteoric, but not everyone has the foresight—or the patience—to wait. And that’s perfectly…

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