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What Happens To Cryptocurrency When The Old Money Dies? [VIDEO]

The Fed-fueled economic boom is coming to an end, maybe sooner than you think. There’s something about fall 2018… it’s a gut feeling we at TDV have—the same type that’s helped us navigate countless monetary cycles over the years. If you’ve followed our work, you may know I predicted nearly a decade ago that the…

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EOS Is Gonna Rock Ya [VIDEO]

On June 1st, EOS, the massively financed smart contract platform will go live. EOS was recommended to TDV subscribers at $1.39 on July 15th of 2017 and then fell down near $0.50 soon after… leaving all the trolls to lambaste me for my ‘poor’ pick. I advised TDV subscribers (subscribe HERE) to double down at $0.50…

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