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Ross Ulbricht Finally Free?

The holiday season is upon us once again, and this is often a time when some of us like to reflect on what gives our lives meaning, and set some goals for the coming years. For most libertarians, the ideals of peace and freedom motivate nearly everything that we do, and we are all trying…

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The US Government Is Coming For Your Guns

Over the past several weeks, government thugs in the USSA have essentially declared war against private gun owners, openly calling for confiscation of weapons. In some states, police have already been casting a wide net, serving warrants on hundreds of law-abiding citizens. Advocates of firearm restrictions have often said, “no one is coming to take…

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Unschooling Pioneer: In Memoriam John Taylor Gatto (1935-2018)

In his book A Different Kind of Teacher: Solving the Crisis of American Schooling, John Taylor Gatto explained that the primary goal of real education is not to deliver facts but to guide students to the truths that will allow them to take responsibility for their lives. After over 100 years of forced schooling in…

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Commie Death Camps: This Is Really Happening [VIDEO]

Death camps—it’s basically the defining feature of communism. But in China, there’s something truly sinister still taking place—a form of 21st century tyranny—a “medical Maoism” that’ll make your blood turn cold—literally. Thanks to the incredible inside knowledge divulged by Mitchell Gerber, I learned the true depths of this horror. The Chinese regime is conducting 60,000…

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The Pledge Of Allegiance Is Religious Indoctrination

Land of the thieves, home of the slaves… with obedience and plunder for all. “America” often seems like a mental patient with a split personality. While it sometimes pretends to champion the notion of freedom, the USSA simultaneously works tirelessly to destroy it. Pay Your Taxes (extortion) … Ask permission (regulation) to do almost anything…

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