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The Pledge Of Allegiance Is Religious Indoctrination

Land of the thieves, home of the slaves… with obedience and plunder for all. “America” often seems like a mental patient with a split personality. While it sometimes pretends to champion the notion of freedom, the USSA simultaneously works tirelessly to destroy it. Pay Your Taxes (extortion) … Ask permission (regulation) to do almost anything…

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Anarchist Banned From Poland, Passport Cancelled [VIDEO]

He’s a man without a country… even if not by choice. Steve Zedski has recently found himself stranded in London and effectively disowned by his native land of Poland. Upon arriving in the Queen’s capital, British customs criminals (agents) informed him that there was a “problem” with his papers—and so followed hours of interrogation, movement…

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Jim Carrey Is A Capitalist Pretending To Be A Socialist [VIDEO]

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Celebrities for socialism… it’s plausible deniability for the filthy rich. Sure, Jim Carrey earned his fortune by entertaining hundreds of millions of people for decades. But when you live in a mansion like this… … and you have a net worth like this… … it can…

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Anarchy Is Viral: Why Freedom Is Spreading Fast [VIDEO]

It was 2009 when I began my work in spreading the anarcho-capitalist message of peace and prosperity. Since launching The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast, nearly a decade ago, times have sure changed. For starters, I’ve changed—and thank goodness… That’s a screenshot from the very first episode of Anarchast—humble origins indeed. The term “anarchy” was more…

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