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Commie Death Camps: This Is Really Happening [VIDEO]

Death camps—it’s basically the defining feature of communism. But in China, there’s something truly sinister still taking place—a form of 21st century tyranny—a “medical Maoism” that’ll make your blood turn cold—literally. Thanks to the incredible inside knowledge divulged by Mitchell Gerber, I learned the true depths of this horror. The Chinese regime is conducting 60,000…

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Anarchist Banned From Poland, Passport Cancelled [VIDEO]

He’s a man without a country… even if not by choice. Steve Zedski has recently found himself stranded in London and effectively disowned by his native land of Poland. Upon arriving in the Queen’s capital, British customs criminals (agents) informed him that there was a “problem” with his papers—and so followed hours of interrogation, movement…

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Are National Borders To Keep Immigrants Out Or Tax Slaves In?

Fasco-Communist America is now officially a giant debtors prison; a free-range tax farm the human cattle cannot escape. They say national borders are designed, in theory, to keep “illegal aliens” from entering a country and otherwise mucking things up for the locals by “taking their jobs” (or better put, outcompeting them in the marketplace). But…

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Domino’s Pizza Answers Statists Who Ask “Who Will Build Muh Roads?”

A privately-owned pizza company is fixing potholes on public roads—because that’s how useless government is. Yes, Domino’s is answering the age-old question, if not the state, who will build the roads? Whenever brainwashed statists default to their seemingly programmed response of, “But, who will build the roads?”, my natural response is, “They’re already built!” Really, have they not…

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