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Anarchy Is Apocalypse, Claim The Powers That Shouldn’t Be [VIDEO]

“DO NOT TRAVEL TO CHERAN, MEXICO” Those are the official words of warning issued by the benevolent US State Department to all Americans. We know the government doesn’t like competition, so whenever a community organizes peacefully and prosperously without a big brother state extorting them, it’s time to ramp up the propaganda machine… for your…

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The US Government Is Coming For Your Guns

Over the past several weeks, government thugs in the USSA have essentially declared war against private gun owners, openly calling for confiscation of weapons. In some states, police have already been casting a wide net, serving warrants on hundreds of law-abiding citizens. Advocates of firearm restrictions have often said, “no one is coming to take…

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Anarchy Is Viral: Why Freedom Is Spreading Fast [VIDEO]

It was 2009 when I began my work in spreading the anarcho-capitalist message of peace and prosperity. Since launching The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast, nearly a decade ago, times have sure changed. For starters, I’ve changed—and thank goodness… That’s a screenshot from the very first episode of Anarchast—humble origins indeed. The term “anarchy” was more…

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How 5 Modern-Day Anarchists Are Improving The World

Ask a friend, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an anarchist?” Unfortunately, for most people, the word conjures images of Molotov cocktail-throwing, Che Guevara T-shirt-wearing, violent thugs. As far as “anarcho-communists” and radical socialists go (like the destructive Antifa group), that’s probably a pretty accurate picture. But those punks…

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